Instructor Award Nominations NOW OPEN

About the Saitsa Awards

At Saitsa, we believe outstanding students, apprentices and instructors should be rewarded for their dedication and hard work at SAIT, which is why we honour their commitment through awards.


Saitsa is committed to celebrating those who encompass and embrace the spirit of what it means to be a member of the SAIT and Saitsa communities. Our awards predominantly recognize students who demonstrate a commitment to improving the student experience at every opportunity through school spirit, student support, and advocacy. We also have awards for instructors, SAIT staff members and departments.

Instructor & Supporter Recognition Awards

Nomination Period Begins Oct. 5, 2022

Instructor Excellence Awards

No monetary value – 10 instructors/year

(1 instructor/school of study)

Sentinel Award

No monetary value – 1 department/year

Athena Award

1 instructor/year

2021-2022 Instructor Excellence Awards Photo Gallery

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Keystone & Student Experience Awards

Award Applications Open in 2023 (Date TBD)

DC Fleming Award 

$1,000 – 1 recipient/year

  Disruptor Award

$500 – 1 recipient/year

JM Parker Award 

$1,000 – 1 recipient/year

Therese Murray Award

$1,000 – 1 recipient/year

Supporter Award

$500 – 1 recipient/year

Marcel Carpenter Award

No monetary value –1 recipient/year

Club of the Year Award

$750 – 1 club/year