Elections Saitsa BOD 2024 Election Night Group Shot Optimized

Left to right: Shehbaj Singh Chatha, Sangram Singh, Ahmad Baker, Varshit Barot, Lance Santiago, Lesi Nwielaghi, Ryan Ng, Nina Fabian

Not Pictured: Rey Tacder

Introducing Your 2024/2025 Saitsa Board of Directors!

Thanks to voters like you we beat out last years 12.9% with an amazing 13.8% voter turnout!

Thank you to all the candidates, staff, volunteers, and voters who made this all possible!

About Saitsa Elections

Visual chart of the Saitsa Governance Structure: The student body is on top followed by the Board of Directors (9 seats including a President and Vice President) followed by Saitsa Admin and Management with the Executive Director, Staff, and Volunteers

As a student-owned and operated non-profit organization, Saitsa needs students who are passionate about being stewards of their Students’ Association and who want to improve the SAIT student experience. It is governed by student representatives elected by their peers each year. These students work together to lead Saitsa initiatives.

Get Involved! - It’s your student association, your voice. Make the most of your academic experience.

Why Should I Get On Board?

Experience on the Board of Directors can truly benefit your future! There are so many reasons to get involved with your student-run government. Visit 'Get on Board' for more information why and how to get involved today.

DECIDE On Your Board

Those who get elected represent over 20,000 SAIT students to all levels of government, the community and the institution – your vote matters!

Candidates are expected to build campaign platforms that adhere to election rules and principles. Ensuring elections are secure, free, fair, and transparent. Platforms should be clear and realistic, keeping in mind student interest.

VOTE For Your Board

When Can I Vote?

Voting for the 2024/2025 BOD Election occurred between March 3–7, 2024. Check back in Fall 2024 for next year's voting dates.

Where Do I Vote? Students are able to access a secure link to the election ballot via their SAIT student email (subject is “Vote Here”) during the voting period. Day or night, you can vote from anywhere! All you need is a valid SAIT student email address.

  • Forgot what your password is to your SAIT student email?

Unless you’ve changed it, your password should be your date of birth: YY/MM/DD

Voting FAQ

Is voting secure?

Saitsa utilizes a platform called Simply Voting  Simply Voting is a web-based online voting system that manages Saitsa’s elections easily and securely. Saitsa staff and the CRO coordinate the development of the ballot; the voter list is uploaded with student numbers only, no names, so your vote is confidential.

What voting system do you use?

Saitsa uses the Single Transferable Vote system to elect its representatives. Under this system, voters rank the candidates in order of preference whereby voters rank their most preferred candidate as ‘1’ and their second most preferred candidate as ‘2’ and so on. This system closely approaches proportional representation and is generally considered a more fair voting system. For more information on how STV works within Saitsa please consult our Election Policies & Procedures.

Who is eligible to vote?

Any student who pays Saitsa fees can vote in the SAIT Students’ Association elections. If you pay Saitsa fees and have not received your voting email please check your junk folder as well as your deleted and spam folders; if you still cannot find the email please submit a ‘voter issue form."

Why should I vote?

You’re putting your support behind students who will advocate for you to the institution and all levels of government. These dedicated students will set the framework for the Students’ Association for years to come, which will impact the events and services offered and how your membership fees are spent. VOTE and help shape your student experience!

How do I decide?

Deciding who to vote for can be tricky, for many students, this may be their first time voting – exciting! Democracy in action! As with all elections, it is important to review the candidate’s campaigns and get a ‘feel’ for them via their campaign activities and materials. It is also important for you to understand what the role of the Board is so that you can ensure the candidate’s platform aligns with the role of the Board.

Candidates are expected to build campaign platforms that adhere to election rules and principles. Ensuring elections are secure, free, fair, and transparent. Platforms should be clear and realistic, keeping in mind student interest.

Decide who will get your vote based on what matters to you! Those who get elected represent over 20,000 SAIT students to all levels of government, the community, and the institution – your vote matters! Ultimately pick the candidates who resonate with you and your values the most, and who you think will do a great job representing SAIT students

I want to vote, but something isn't working

Are you experiencing technical issues when you attempt to cast your vote? Complete this form if you are experiencing an issue with voting in Saitsa’s election. Replies will be via email unless a phone call is required to help solve the issue.

What are the rules governing the elections?

The rules governing the elections can be found here:

Saitsa recognizes the need to hold open and fair elections and makes efforts to ensure all Saitsa members have the opportunity to participate in the election process. All individuals working for Saitsa are required to remain impartial while on duty. Saitsa implemented an Election Team, led by the Chief Returning Officer (CRO), to carry out objective and rational decisions during elections.

In addition to the Election Team, Saitsa has an Elections Oversight Panel that is responsible for overseeing elections and referenda, and ruling on disputes arising from these processes. The panel is comprised of three disinterested, third-party experts appointed by the Board.

In pursuit of the objective to achieve fairness and openness, Saitsa requires candidates, campaign agents, and volunteers to demonstrate respect for others and engage in fair competition. Campaign activities must be in compliance with SAIT’s code of conduct and Saitsa’s bylaws, policies, and procedures. Saitsa welcomes healthy debate and opposition; however, campaign activities shall not harm the reputation of any individual. 

Where can I report a campaign violation?

All candidates are required to abide by the Elections and Referenda Policies and Procedures.

If you believe a candidate has violated any of the Policies and Procedures, you can file a report via the: complaint form.

Where can I submit an appeal?

The appeal process is outlined in the Elections and Referenda Policies and Procedures Submit an appeal by filling out the Elections Appeal Form.

How can I get involved with the election?

Saitsa encourages and appreciates involvement with the election in many forms. Involvement opportunities include helping with candidates’ campaigns, running themselves, or volunteering with Saitsa. Contact us for more information.