About Saitsa Elections

Saitsa exists to enhance your student experience. It is governed by student representatives elected by their peers each year. These students work together to lead Saitsa initiatives.

Get Involved!

It’s your student association, your voice. Make the most of your academic experience. Run for the Saitsa Board of Directors, attend the Panel Night, and cast your vote online on March 30 & 31.

Will you be a candidate?

Go ahead, you can do it!  As a student-owned and operated non-profit organization, Saitsa needs students who are passionate about being stewards of their Students’ Association and who want to improve the SAIT student experience.  Be a part of something great and become a candidate in Saitsa’s elections by submitting your nomination package by the deadline.  Click the “RUN” button below for more info. 

The nomination period has closed. 


Who will get your vote?

Attend the panel night and learn about the candidates’ platforms. Ask questions. Decide who will get your vote based on what matters to you!

Those who get elected represent over 12,000 SAIT students to all levels of government, the community and the institution – your vote matters!

Candidates are expected to build a platform based on the 4 guiding principles of fairness, equality, student interest, and transparency.  Platforms should be clear and realistic; ideally, candidates’ platforms will also incorporate components of Saitsa’s strategic plan, mission, and vision.

Click the “Decide” button below for more info.

The Panel Night is March 29, 2021.


When can I vote?

Voting dates for the Board of Directors election will be March 30 & 31, 2021. 

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