How is Saitsa Governed?

Within Alberta, all student associations and unions are regulated by the Post-Secondary Learning Act; section 95(1). The act prescribes that Saitsa is managed by a board that is elected by and from the members of the association.

Saitsa is governed by student representatives who are elected each year. Saitsa’s success is tied directly to these dedicated students. Saitsa’s Board meets monthly and invites students to attend their meetings to see Saitsa’s governance in action.

Saitsa’s Board of Directors (BOD)

is elected in the winter semester and their term starts in May and finishes in May of the following year. The Board provides ongoing ownership linkage with the student body, sets organizational policy in accordance with ownership needs, and provides oversight of operational compliance with policy. Within the Board there is a President and Vice President; these positions are the chief and deputy-chief representatives and advocates for the student body and are the leaders of the Board.

Saitsa’s Bylaws are the governing rules by which the organization operates.

Regular Attendees and Support for the Board

Board Advisor

  • Appointed by the Board to act as a parliamentarian and resource person for the President, Vice President and Board

Executive Director

  • The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, and reports to the Board on relevant business and helps to mitigate risk

Governance Staff

  • Saitsa staff support the administration of the Board and coordinate Saitsa’s elections