Disruptor Award

  • 1 individual/year – $500
  • Nomination or Personal Application – Impact/Personal Statement (250 words max)


Saitsa believes in the power of individuals and grassroots advocacy; we strive to provide opportunities for students to engage in a variety of advocacy initiatives and social engagement opportunities. Saitsa’s vision is to support the development of exceptional leaders who are empowered and engaged members of their community. Saitsa’s Disruptor Award is designed to recognize, reward and support SAIT students who passionately commit their time and energy towards initiatives that improve their community and drive change.

Nomination Process

Individuals may nominate themselves or another individual for this award. This award looks to celebrate individuals whose advocacy efforts have led to improvements or change for people or a cause. Applicants or nominees may be someone who has gone above and beyond what is expected, made a difference, altered standards, or shown extraordinary commitment and passion for advocacy. Impact or personal statements should outline what initiative(s) they are a part of and how the individual has positively impacted the world we live in.

Selection Criteria

Recipients will be selected based on the nominator/applicant’s ability to demonstrate how they have met the award’s criteria. The number of nominations an individual receives will be a contributing factor in the selection process. The recipient shall be selected by the Awards Selection Committee.

Disruptor Award Nomination Form

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