2024 Student Experience

Award Winners

Club of the Year

SAIT Accounting Society

About The Award

This award honours a club who demonstrates outstanding dedication to improving student life on campus. Whether the objective of the club is to help people develop skills, network or simply to meet new people and have fun, student clubs are an integral component of the student experience at SAIT.

We appreciate all of our engaged clubs and club members and thank those who took the time to apply.

About The Winning Club

The SAIT Accounting Society (SAS) earned the Club of the Year title for its outstanding contribution to the SAIT community in the 2023-2024 academic year.

Dedicated to creating a strong community for aspiring accountants, SAS hosted four major networking events and three professional development workshops. Highlight events, “SAS Your Way to Success 2023” and “Connect & Cultivate,” drew in over 190 students, firm representatives, and faculty members, enhancing the professional network for students and promoting the SAIT spirit of collaboration and growth.

The strategic planning and execution by the SAS executive team have been crucial in harmonizing academic success with extracurricular activities. Their proactive approach to leadership transition, with organized documentation and succession planning, secures the club's continued success and impact within the SAIT and broader community. Saitsa commends SAS for its commitment, innovation, and significant role in improving student life and professional readiness at SAIT.

DC Fleming Award Winner

Aaron Ramos

About The Award

From 1934-1968, DC Fleming was a staunch advocate for SAIT and advocated tirelessly for SAIT students to industry and community leaders about the true value of a SAIT education, SAIT at that time was not respected as a post-secondary institution in the same way it is today.

The DC Fleming Award honors a student who demonstrates involvement in advocacy initiatives that raise awareness on issues that affect SAIT students, such as public transportation, safety on campus, and affordable housing.

Thank you to all of those who applied for this award, the difference you make in this community is appreciated and felt by those around you and those yet to come!

About The Winner

Aaron has been awarded the DC Fleming Award for his proactive involvement in advocacy initiatives that have resulted in significant benefits for the SAIT student community, through both Saitsa and the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA). His efforts in advocating for specialized mental health counseling for international students, acknowledging their distinct challenges, culminated in the successful allocation of $10 million for mental health services in the 2024 Alberta budget, spread over four years.

As the Director of Membership at CASA, Aaron played a key role in presenting a comprehensive view of Canada's student population, ensuring that the diverse voices of students were considered in policy-making processes. Additionally, his advocacy contributed to a temporary lift of the work hour limitations for international students on campus in 2023, further supporting their needs and contributions to the community. Aaron's dedication and impactful work have significantly enhanced the welfare and representation of SAIT students, making him a deserving recipient of the DC Fleming Award.

Disruptor Award Winner

Amir Sadri

About The Award

Designed to encourage and support grassroots advocacy, the Disruptor Award recognizes a SAIT student who passionately commits their time and energy to initiative(s) that improve their community and drive change. Individuals can apply directly for this award, but nominations by others in the community are also taken into consideration when selecting a winner.

Saitsa thanks all those who applied or who took the time to nominate someone for this award.

About The Winner

Since his first semester at SAIT, Amir has made significant contributions to student life. Starting as Vice President and now President of the Architectural Technologies Students' Association (ATSA) since summer 2023, he's also a key student lead in the Marketing and Recruitment department and represents the School of Construction on the SAIT Academic Council for 2023-2024.

Under his leadership, ATSA has hosted over 12 events, including a successful Industry Night, enhancing connections between students and construction professionals. He has collaborated with the School of Construction and academic chairs to support student growth, address concerns, and facilitate tutoring sessions.

As a council representative, Amir advocates for student needs, contributing to policy discussions and the "Student Feedback Matters" subcommittee to improve feedback processes. Committed to making student voices heard, Amir is a dedicated advocate within the SAIT community, striving to ensure a supportive and enriching student experience.

JM Parker Award

Aaron Ramos

About The Award

A much-admired leader, JM Parker served the SAIT community in variety of leadership roles for twenty-nine years.

To honor the legacy of JM Parker, this award goes to one of our elected student leaders on our Board of Directors. The recipient must have strived to improve the SAIT student experience, fostered connections, inspired and encouraged other future student leaders, and engaged in leadership opportunities outside of their Director duties.

Saitsa appreciates all of the time and energy our Directors put into the organization - we literally couldn't exist or do what we do without you!

About The Winner

Aaron has been dedicated to enhancing the SAIT student experience, advocating for inclusivity, fostering connections, and seizing leadership opportunities beyond his Board responsibilities. His efforts have centered on improving accessibility and enjoyment of education for all SAIT students.

Key initiatives include advocating for affordable housing, successfully campaigning to lift work hour restrictions for international students, and lobbying for tuition increases to be capped at 2% for domestic students, aiming to make education more accessible.

Understanding the importance of respecting diverse perspectives, Aaron has been a strong advocate for inclusive mental health services, particularly for international students, and has worked to ensure their voices are recognized in campus discussions.

Outside of his Board duties, Aaron actively engages in leadership roles, such as coordinating a team of 30 musicians and technical staff as a music coordinator and organizing youth events, collaborating with 12 other organizations. His commitment to leadership, both within and outside of SAIT, demonstrates a deep dedication to making a positive impact on the community.

Supporter Award

Alyssa Eunice Sagum

About The Award

Only available to those who are nominated by others, the Supporter Award recognizes a student who demonstrates care, compassion and empathy for their peers. Whether it is in the form of free tutoring or mentorship, fostering personal growth, or supporting a fellow student in their journey, this award celebrates a student who selflessly and positively impacts those around them by simply being willing to be a 'supporter'.

Saitsa thanks all those who took the time to nominate a 'supporter' that's making a difference at SAIT.

About The Winner

Alyssa has been honored with the Supporter Award, following nominations from 8 peers who commend her for being an exceptionally friendly individual who champions positivity among her peers, ensuring they have a supportive and positive experience on campus. Her approach to support not only empowers students but also strengthens the community by emphasizing diversity, inclusion, and positive contributions. Alyssa's guidance and commitment to inclusivity forge an environment where students feel both supported and motivated to thrive, thereby enriching the SAIT community as a whole.

Her impact is described as creating a positive ripple effect; Alyssa's dedication to enhancing the student experience cultivates a supportive atmosphere that bridges gaps and fosters a sense of connection and upliftment among everyone. This contributes significantly to the overall community spirit, making a lasting difference.

Beyond her immediate circle, Alyssa extends her influence as one of the administrators of PinoyCanada Student Pathway, a community with over 300,000 members, where she has advocated for SAIT and assisted aspiring students. Additionally, as a SAIT Global Student Ambassador, she consistently goes above and beyond to help other students feel welcomed and at home, showcasing her unwavering commitment to making SAIT a better place for all.

Therese Murray Award

Ken Ticguingan

About The Award

Established in 2001, this award honors a treasured alumni of the SAIT community, Therese Murray. Through years of dedication and commitment to improving the SAIT student experience, Therese was involved in many initiatives that led to improved campus life experiences.

Most notably, Therese was a member of the Disability Awareness Committee from 1989-1991; the committee won an award for their efforts towards improving accessibility on campus. The wheelchair ramps, automatic doors and Braille around campus are still with us today. Saitsa applauds the selfless philanthropic efforts of individuals such as Therese Murray through this award.

About The Winner

Witnessing the transformative power of student initiatives inspired Ken Ticguingan to tackle the critical issue of mental health on campus through innovation.

His project, Journo AI, stands as a pioneering mission to reshape mental health support at SAIT, making it both accessible and tailored to every student's needs. Originating from a profound commitment to student welfare, Journo AI seeks to ensure that no student battles their mental health challenges alone.

It aims to break down significant barriers to academic and personal achievements by utilizing AI technology, creating a resource that is supportive, empathetic, and adaptable to the diverse needs within the SAIT community. This effort mirrors the spirit of contribution and positive transformation associated with Therese Murray’s legacy, showcasing Ken’s selfless dedication to enhancing the campus experience.