Supporter Award

  • 1 individual/year – $500
  • Nomination – Impact Statement (250 words max)


Fostering a caring and supportive environment that promotes growth and development is integral to Saitsa; supporting students in all avenues of life, academic and on-academic, is close to our core and it warms our hearts when we see students supporting students. The Supporter Award recognizes those in the SAIT student community who demonstrates care, compassion and empathy for their fellow students. Support comes in all shapes and sizes, from free tutoring to mentoring, inspiring social inclusion, fostering personal growth, or doing whatever is necessary to support someone in their journey.

Nomination Process

Individuals may nominate an individual for the Supporter Award; in a short impact statement, nominators should specifically address how the nominee demonstrates care, compassion and empathy for their fellow students. Nominators should also indicate how the nominee’s selfless acts impact students or the greater community.

Selection Criteria

The number of nominations an individual receives may contribute to the selection of a recipient; however, those who have had a considerable impact on one individual will also be carefully considered. The Awards Selection Committee will select one successful applicant.

Supporter Award Nomination Form

Form submission is not open yet.