What is advocacy?

  • Students face numerous challenges as they pursue their post-secondary education. Whether it’s student loans or transfer credits, affordable housing or public transportation, childcare or mental health, your student representatives work to address issues that affect you. Saitsa’s student representatives advocate for you by publicly speaking to and supporting causes, conducting research and developing positions, and meeting with officials on matters that affect SAIT students.
  • Advocacy is a part of Saitsa’s Strategic Plan!


Why do we advocate?

  • There are hundreds of thousands of students attending post-secondary in Canada; by advocating together on larger systemic issues, and individually for institutional issues, Student Associations can propel change within society to better meet the needs of the student community!
  • The Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta prescribes that student associations provide for the administration of student affairs (Sec 93(3)); one of the ways that Saitsa fulfills this mandate is by advocating for students.