You Are Directly Impacted by your Students’ Association

It might not seem like it but if you’ve accessed our food bank, gone to our events, are part of a student club, visited our Peer Support Centre,  or ran into an academic concern (just to name a few). You’ve actively participated in a service that Saitsa provides. If you haven’t utilized one of the services yet, you likely will at some point during your time at SAIT.

All Saitsa initiatives are organized and led by students in some way or another.  Your student life advocates aka the Executive Council and student leaders aka Board of Directors play an important role because the decisions they make as a board determines what goals and initiatives Saitsa pursues.  So make sure to speak up for what you want to see happen at SAIT.  If you have any questions or concerns, bring them to us, because we’re here to help.  The students you vote for help make important decisions that affect your life on campus so utilize your Students’ Association and leave your campus better than you found it.

Do you have an academic concern? Contact your Saitsa VP Academic

Do you have a non-academic concern? Contact your Saitsa VP Student Life

Saitsa is a proud member of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) and Alberta Student’s Executive Council (ASEC)

When to contact the Saitsa VP Academic

  • When you would like to talk confidentially about a situation
  • When you are unsure of which policies, procedures or guidelines apply to your problem
  • When you feel a policy, procedure or guideline has been unfairly applied to you
  • When you don’t know who to talk to, where to turn, or what options are available

How the Saitsa VP Academic can help you 

  • Listen to your concerns and define available options
  • Explain relevant and applicable SAIT policies and procedures
  • Refer you to the appropriate office or decision-maker for resolution
  • Recommend changes to outdated or ineffective SAIT academic policies and procedures

Typical Concerns Brought to the Saitsa VP Academic 

  • Issues related to academic integrity
  • Issues related to non-academic misconduct
  • Problems with instructor/student misunderstandings
  • Problems with rules that govern courses or course/program requirements

The Saitsa VP Academic Cannot 

  • Force a decision or overturn a decision made by others
  • Bypass existing policies and procedures to resolve student issues
  • Give legal advice or act as legal representation
  • Intervene in conflicts with individuals or groups outside of SAIT

Contact Information 

Jasmin Bhatti
Office of the Saitsa VP Academic
Phone: 403-284-8038

Students are generally provided with an initial consultation over the phone or by email. In-person appointments must be arranged in advance. The VP Academic reserves the right to give priority to student association fee-paying members.

Book an Appointment

If you know you will need to meet with the VP Academic in-person, schedule a meeting here.
Booking calendar is kept up-to-date and will only show times available. If the preferred time is not available, please choose a slot that is.

SAIT Academic / Student Policies

This following list of policies and procedures are just some of the important regulations that students should be aware of. The full list of policies and procedures are easily accessed online at: 


AC.2.16.1 Workplace Experiential Learning
AC.3.1.1 Grading and Progression
AC.3.1.1 – Schedule A Formal Grade Appeal Process
AC.3.2.1 Course Deficiencies
AC.3.3.1 Invigilation and Security of Examinations
AC 3.3.3 Retention of Examinations
AC.3.4.1 Student Code of Conduct
AC.3.4.1 – Schedule A Academic Misconduct Procedures
AC.3.4.1 – Schedule B Non-Academic Misconduct Procedures
AC.3.4.1 – Schedule C Non-Academic Misconduct Sanctions
AC.3.4.1 – Schedule D Initial Hearing and Appeal Hearing Processes and Principles
AC.3.8.1 Attendance Requirements
AC.3.8.2 Attendance Requirements – Apprentices
AC.3.10.1 Ownership of Student-Produced Work
AC.3.16.1 Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
AC.3.18.2 Transfer Credit Procedure
AC.3.18.3 Recognition of Prior Non-Formal & Informal Learning
AC.6.2.1 Student Clubs