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Saitsa Wellness Bank

At Saitsa, we believe hygiene is a basic right, not a luxury. Which is why we created the Saitsa Wellness Bank to provide students with access to personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies.

SAIT Family Care Room

MD102 Stan Grad Centre

The SAIT Family Care Room is a secure, quiet space for parents to nurse, pump or change a diaper. The room includes soft seating, mini-fridge, microwave, kettle and donated infant care supplies.

Terms of use:

Students must email for the access code.

Students will be expected to sign a room use agreement that outlines the following:

  • All access requests must come through the Student Engagement office. Users of the space must be current students or employees and will be expected to provide their full name, ID number, contact information and dates/times of use.
  • The room code must not be shared – doing so will result in privileges being revoked.
  • At times the room will be shared by multiple parents. A privacy screen is provided.
  • Milk can be stored in the fridge but will be cleaned out at the end of each week. Please use the labels provided.
  • The room is not to be used as a study space or lunch room.
  • Personal pumping and/or nursing supplies may be stored in the room at the student’s own risk.

If you are requesting access to our Family Care room for pumping or nursing, an access code will be emailed to you for use throughout the semester upon submission of the Family Care room use agreement.

If you have questions or suggestions related to supporting SAIT students and staff with dependent children, please let us know!

For access, please contact:

Student Engagement


Your Student Rights

SAIT students have responsibilities when it comes to being a student; those responsibilities are outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Did you also know that you have rights as a student?

Your rights and responsibilities are outlined in SAIT’s policies and procedures, specifically Academic Student Policy A.C 3.4.

Protected Rights & Pregnancy

Students can expect that their protected human rights will be upheld by SAIT; this pertains to a wide range of areas, which includes pregnancy. Pregnancy during your time as a student can be reasonably accommodated by SAIT, some examples of how accommodations may be made include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Adjusting your classes/class schedule
  • Identifying an alternative method of evaluation to replace the academic obligation
  • Adjusting the weight for that academic obligation in relation to the weight for other components of the course
  • Arranging for a note taker
  • Offering the student a place in an alternate course or section
  • Providing for a leave of absence 

Being/becoming pregnant while also attending post-secondary can be a stressful time. Understandably, you may not want to disclose to your instructor or other staff until you decide the best path forward for you; SAIT’s Ombudsperson is an impartial, confidential resource that students can access to inquire about their rights and accommodations that SAIT is required to provide (where reasonable).

To book an appointment with the Ombudsperson, click here.

For more information on SAIT’s policies and how they pertain to pregnancy, please review the following on SAIT’s website:

  • AC 3.4 – Student Code of Conduct & Student Rights
  • AC 3.15 – Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

If you want to discuss how SAIT can accommodate you, we encourage you to contact SAIT’s Ombudsperson and/or Accessibility Services. Staff will explain the differences to you between your right to privacy and the need for disclosure to accommodate you and your needs.

SAIT has other excellent resources that can support you during and after your pregnancy:


Want student-centric support to help you advocate for yourself?


Saitsa also has a discount code for 15 minutes of free consultation with Goodlawyer if you would like to discuss your rights.

Discount Code: SAITSA


Did you know that, for a fee, you can add your partner and/or child(ren) to your Saitsa Health & Dental Plan? Find out more here.


For more information on human rights and how they pertain to pregnancy in Alberta, please visit:


For pregnancy/maternity and childcare information and supports, please visit:


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