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Volunteer with Saitsa

We Couldn't Do It Without You!

As a non-profit organization, Saitsa recognizes the importance of volunteering to our continued success.

As volunteers you'll be representing Saitsa as you interact directly with students, whether you're helping run fun annual events like the our, or handing out flyers to raise awareness about Saitsa events and services.

Check out the opportunities below, stop by the Saitsa Resource Centre (MC107) to learn more!

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Volunteer Opportunities

Spring Volunteer

Ideal for those students pursuing general volunteering opportunities in events, promotions, and social activities.

Why volunteer?
  • Enhance your resume
  • Make new friends and connections
  • Build your skills
  • Earn a Co-curricular Record
  • Request Letter of Recommendation
  • Give back to the community
  • Possible cupcakes
  • Learn More

Winter Volunteer

Looking to make a difference at SAIT while having a blast? Join us as a volunteer and work with our Student Experience Coordinator in Resources & Services. You'll help with event setup, admin tasks, and more, all while building useful skills in a student-friendly environment.

You'll be the face of Saitsa, engaging directly with students at events like our winter orientation, Polar Jam. Whether you're running activities or handing out flyers, you'll help make campus life richer and more fun. Ready to jump in? Come be a part of our awesome team!

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Volunteer FAQ

Who can volunteer?

Only current SAIT students and Alumni will be considered when recruiting Saitsa volunteers.

How can I volunteer for the Saitsa Events?

Interested in getting involved? Saitsa offers a variety of roles throughout the year. On the event side, you’ll be part of the setup, teardown, and face-to-face interaction with your peers. Prefer an office setting? You'll handle tasks like answering student questions and putting together welcome kits for new arrivals. A great way to immerse yourself in campus life!

What is a Co-Curricular Record?

A Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official document that complements your academic transcript. The CCR program helps you track skills you gain through activities like volunteering, mentoring, and club membership, allowing you to have a record to show employers.

Why is a CCR important?

Your education amounts to more than just grades! It’s built on everything you do while you’re a student at SAIT, inside and outside of the classroom. By completing your CCR, you’ll be better prepared to share your skills and experiences with potential employers both on your resume and during interviews. To get started, create a My Career Hub account and explore current CCR opportunities.

What are the Saitsa Awards?

At Saitsa, we believe outstanding students should be rewarded for their dedication and hard work at SAIT, which is why we honour their commitment through awards.

Can I request a reference letter?

At Saitsa, volunteers will always be appreciated and rewarded for their hard work! Once you've racked up at least 20 hours of volunteer time you may request a reference letter from your manager.