Study Tips for Finals Week

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Set yourself up for success with our top five study tips for finals week.

Finals week is a beast on a whole other level, but you are more than capable of tackling it with a few simple tricks!

If we know anything from being former students here at SAIT it's this: you can have all the motivation and time to devote to your classes in September but when finals come around, it feels like there aren't enough hours in a day. Let's dive into five easy tricks you can use to be prepared for your final exams.

  1. Start Early

Whether you are a part-time or full-time student, start studying early. Heck, planning what subject to study each day can ease your mind from stress and give you plenty of time. Think about how you or people you know prepare for a sports game, dance recital, presentation, or long-distance run. Typically, people start practicing in advance to perform their best.

2. Find Your Environment

Everyone has their own way of focusing. Ask yourself which atmosphere you focus best in. Could it be quietly in a library, in a café with background noise, or with a group? Knowing which environment compliments your productivity will help you study and limit distractions. We recommend that you consider the lighting of your study spot, how comfortable the seating is, and the noise level.

3. Know What to Study

Has your professor held a review session in class? If not, try meeting your professor during office hours or right after class. Knowing which information you need to study will make your study sessions even more effective. This will give you direction on how much time to study for each course.

4. Fuel your Mind

Your physical and mental health impacts how well you study. It may be tempting to chug coffees for an all-nighter or study hours on end without breaks, but it's just as important to care for yourself during this busy time as a student. Making healthy choices can go a long way for your productivity, whether it's getting eight hours of sleep, making dinner at home instead of eating out, or hitting the gym before a study session.

5. Make it Fun

How can studying be fun? There are a few things you can do to make studying more bearable! If you study well with background noise, consider listening to your favourite music. If you study well in groups, try turning a study session into a game. If you find yourself having trouble focusing in one location, switch up your scenery!

You are trying your best and doing your best. When you've finished studying and have completed your exams, reward yourself for all the time and effort you devoted. Have a night out with your friends at the Gateway on campus! Grab a baked good from the local bakery you've always wanted to try! Invite a friend to live music downtown and enjoy some appetizers! It's important to step back and take time to celebrate the work you do.