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Saitsa Advocacy Win:

The Office of the Ombudsperson

After years of advocating, Saitsa is pleased to highlight the “Office of the Ombudsperson” at SAIT, a valuable resource designed to assist students with both academic and non-academic challenges, including allegations, hearings, and appeals.

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About the Ombudsperson

The Ombudsperson is:

  • Independent — reviews concerns without direction or influence from any member of the SAIT community.
  • Impartial — considers issues from a third-party perspective and does not advocate for one person or SAIT.
  • Accessible — provides services to all members of the SAIT community.
  • Informal — attempts to resolve an issue at the lowest level possible.
  • Confidential — listens to concerns and discusses your options in strict confidence. The Ombudsperson will not confirm you spoke to her or act on your concern without your consent.

Please note the above is a SAIT Resource.

All questions/concerns should be directed towards SAIT.