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Academic Council

Academic Council is a recommending body to the SAIT Board of Governors and will meet on a monthly basis from October 2019 to May 2020 inclusive.

What does the Academic Council do?

  • Review academic plans, priorities, standards, admission requirements and standards, new program proposals and graduation requirements
  • Review student’s needs, evaluation methods, grading systems and student support services
  • Review institutional matters, including strategic and tactical planning processes, missions and mandate statements, policies and trends in education and the economy
  • Facilitate institutional-wide communication

Academic Advisory Committee

Academic Advisory committee will assist students to get more involved in a less formal environment while learning how to internally advocate to the institute on academic issues that are affecting post-secondary students. This committee gives the opportunity for students to gather feedback, strategize and decide as a united front on how to tackle student academic issues within the institute.

What is the purpose of the Academic Advisory Committee?

  • Bring forth academic concerns to the institution and/or SAIT Academic Council as a collective body
  • Provide student feedback on academic issues that are brought forward
  • Plan and strategize ways to respond to academic issues that affect SAIT students