Saitsa oversees many services, programs and events on SAIT campus. In order to streamline the process and determine your needs, we ask that you please read and complete the details below. Failure to comply with this formal process could affect desired deadlines. All SAIT students, external media representatives, and reporters must submit a media request form if you would like to:

  1. Film or Photograph in a Saitsa location (The Gateway, Odyssey Coffeehouse, Resource Centre, Peer Support Centre, Station Market/Express, Benefits Plan Centre)
  2. Interview a Board of Directors Member or Staff Member
  3. Film or Photograph a Saitsa event or program
  4. Interview any talent from a Gateway concert
  5. Interview any Saitsa sponsors or external service provider
  6. Represent Saitsa in the media in any way (i.e. Calgary Folk Music Festival, GlobalFest, Calgary Pride Parade)

Please complete the steps below:

Step One: Review the Media Access Policy

Step Two: Submit a media request. Please note – we are not able to accommodate same-day requests. 

Step Three: wait for a Saitsa Public Relations representative to contact you with further details.

Questions or Concerns? Email: