There are many ways to get involved with Saitsa – join a club, apply for a student job, and volunteer!


Volunteer opportunities allow you to get involved, help your fellow students, and build your resume. Volunteer hours also make you eligible for certain Saitsa Awards, the volunteer incentive program, and co-curricular records!

What is the volunteer incentive program?

Saitsa appreciates volunteers and their hard work! As such, we offer an incentive program for volunteers, offering prizes for each category. The more hours you volunteer, the more prizes you get!

Based on hours committed to Saitsa, volunteers will reach categorized reward levels:

Bronze (20 hours)

Silver (40 hours)

Gold (60 hours)

Platinum (80 hours)

Diamond (100+ hours)

*Incentive rewards will be given out as they are earned.

What are Co-Curricular Records?

A Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official document that complements your academic transcript. The CCR program helps you track the skills you gain through activities like volunteering, mentoring, and club membership, so you have a record to show employers.

Why is a CCR important?

Your education amounts to more than just grades! It’s built on everything you do while you’re a student at SAIT, inside and outside of the classroom. By completing your CCR, you’ll be better prepared to share your skills and experiences with potential employers both on your resume and during interviews.

To get started, create a My Career Hub account at and explore current CCR opportunities.


Make the most of your SAIT experience and join a club! Through clubs, you can meet new people who share the same interests as you, join industry networking events, and give back to the community. Join an existing club or start your own one!

Saitsa’s Club Coordinator is available to help you establish your club. For more info, visit the Clubs page.

Student Jobs

Throughout the school year, Ssaitsa hires students for a variety of part-time positions. For current student job opportunities, visit the Student Job page.

Careers with Saitsa

Saitsa is a student-owned and operated non-profit organization, and we are dedicated to improving the student experience at every opportunity. Our employees work hard to create an environment where students are inspired to learn, lead and be exceptional! For current career opportunities, visit the Careers page.