Make the most of your SAIT experience and join a club! Through clubs, you can meet new people who share the same interests as you, join industry networking events, and give back to the community. Join an existing club or start your own one! Check out what we have for those looking to get involved with clubs. 

Virtual Clubs Expo

Join Saitsa virtually for the Clubs Expo!

Learn about student clubs, how to join an existing club, or how to start one of your own. There are many academic and non-academic clubs for you to join! The Clubs Expo will answer any questions you may have and introduce you to the wide variety of clubs. Whether you’re looking for access to industry networking events, to make new friends, or give back to the community, being part of a student club is one of the best ways you can get involved.   

This year were hosting our Clubs Expo VIRTUALLY! Check out today to view some of the diverse clubs offered at SAIT!

Club Testimonials

Today we’re sharing clubs testimonials with you, to showcase the ways that joining a club can increase your overall wellness. Check out the video, or read the full testimonials below!

Michaela Tomic: 4thyear BBA, Marketing, President and Director of Marketing and Communications (Marketing at SAIT Club), VP Marketing (SAIT Finance Club)

  • “Being a part of the Saitsa and student club’s community has been such a positive outlet for me through my academic career. Working not only within the executive team of a club but also collaborating across clubs has allowed for some much-needed positivity and social time, especially given the current circumstance. Even getting online and chatting with some of my fellow executives about plans for the future is always such a positive experience that really makes my day. Just like many of my fellow students, I often struggle with the uncertainty of what the future holds for us but having such a strong community to rely on does truly make a difference.  Students within the Saitsa circle are so welcoming and open that it really fosters an environment of comfortability with one another. As much as I do truly miss being on campus for all of our events and activities, it still makes my day to see everyone’s smiling faces.  I would encourage all students to reach out and join a club that they take an interest in, even if it isn’t something you think will propel your career forward or look great on a resume, I think now is the time for us to prioritize our mental wellbeing, focus on all of the good things we can enjoy every day and come together as a community to support each other.”