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Saitsa Awards

*Due to Covid-19 and Campus Restrictions not all Saitsa Awards were distributed this year

Supporter Award Winner

Bernardes Toledo

About The Award

Only available to those who are nominated by others, the Supporter Award recognizes a student who demonstrates care, compassion and empathy for their peers. Whether it is in the form of free tutoring or mentorship, fostering personal growth, or supporting a fellow student in their journey, this award celebrates a student who selflessly and positively impacts those around them by simply being willing to be a 'supporter'.

Saitsa thanks all those who took the time to nominate a 'supporter' that's making a difference at SAIT.

About The Winner

Described wonderfully as a "beautiful soul", the Supporter Award recipient for 2022 is - Bernardes Toledo!

Whether it's supporting international students to adjust to life in Canada, or helping classmates understand assignments and study for tests, Bernardes "motivates us all for greatness" and "builds good relationships and leaves an impact on every person he meets."

Not only is Bernardes a great academic support to his peers, but he also organizes games, walks and outings with classmates to foster a sense of community and help people develop positive relationships.

Congratulations Bernardes, SAIT and the world is a better place because of you!

Disruptor Award Winner

Cassidy ElDarazi

About The Award

Designed to encourage and support grassroots advocacy, the Disruptor Award recognizes a SAIT student who passionately commits their time and energy to initiative(s) that improve their community and drive change. Individuals can apply directly for this award, but nominations by others in the community are also taken into consideration when selecting a winner.

Saitsa thanks all those who applied or who took the time to nominate someone for this award.

About The Winner

Saitsa is proud to announce that the recipient for the 2022 Disruptor Award is - Cassidy ElDarazi!

Cassidy, or Sid, is 'disrupting' the norm by working as an Executive with the Pride+ Club and the 'Threads that Thrive' initiative. 'TTT' supports those with feelings of body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria alter clothing to fit and reflect their true selves.

The Pride+ Club provides an environment on campus whereby people feel supported to be who they truly are and to find community at SAIT. Described by nominators as "a source of inspiration of how a student can thrive", Sid also has "gone above and beyond...made a difference, altered standards and shown extraordinary passion and commitment."

Congratulations Cassidy, Saitsa is proud to work alongside students like you. Keep on disrupting!

You're making a difference in this world.

DC Fleming Award Winner

Jameson MacDonald

About The Award

From 1934-1968, DC Fleming was a staunch advocate for SAIT and advocated tirelessly for SAIT students to industry and community leaders about the true value of a SAIT education, SAIT at that time was not respected as a post-secondary institution in the same way it is today.

The DC Fleming Award honors a student who demonstrates involvement in advocacy initiatives that raise awareness on issues that affect SAIT students, such as public transportation, safety on campus, and affordable housing.

Thank you to all of those who applied for this award, the difference you make in this community is appreciated and felt by those around you and those yet to come!

About The Winner

For two years, this student served as a student-spokesperson to their academic chair for their program to address the challenges of online learning during the ongoing pandemic. This 2022 award for the DC Fleming Award goes to - Jameson MacDonald!

Advocating for an online education that would support students' well-being and mental health, Jameson witnessed the successful implementation of his recommendations to decrease barriers for learning. Described as "compassionate, professional and trustworthy", Jameson also encouraged his peers to seek out SAIT's mental health support services and talked openly about his own challenges to help decrease the stigma around mental health, especially in men.

Congratulations Jameson, and thank you for your commitment to raising awareness and offering support on issues that significantly impact SAIT students.

JM Parker Award Winner

Jasmin K. Bhatti

About The Award

A much-admired leader, JM Parker served the SAIT community in variety of leadership roles for twenty-nine years.

To honor the legacy of JM Parker, this award goes to one of our elected student leaders on our Board of Directors. The recipient must have strived to improve the SAIT student experience, fostered connections, inspired and encouraged other future student leaders, and engaged in leadership opportunities outside of their Director duties.

Saitsa appreciates all of the time and energy our Directors put into the organization - we literally couldn't exist or do what we do without you!

About The Winner

Having committed two years of her time and energy to the mission of Saitsa, we are proud to announce the 2022 recipient of the JM Parker Award is - Jasmin K. Bhatti!

While working to support students through academic misconduct processes, Jasmin recognized that international students were experiencing nuanced challenges while adapting to SAIT's academic integrity standards, and advocated tirelessly to address this concerning trend. SAIT and Saitsa are now working collaboratively to address this issue and are developing strategies to better support students.

During her time with Saitsa, Jasmin developed a network of critical relationships that supported the work of the Board and helped to advocate for a Fall Reading Break, Office of the Ombudsperson, and more Open Educational Resources, just to name a few! Jasmin is known around SAIT & Saitsa for her upbeat demeanor, smile and beautiful spirit, which is all wrapped up in a professionally presented and confident package!

Congratulations Jasmin, thank you for all the time, energy and passion you brought to the BOD team!

Club of the Year Winner

Pride+ Club

About The Award

This award honours a club who demonstrates outstanding dedication to improving student life on campus. Whether the objective of the club is to help people develop skills, network or simply to meet new people and have fun, student clubs are an integral component of the student experience at SAIT.

We appreciate all of our engaged clubs and club members and thank those who took the time to apply.

About The Winning Club

Supported by an extremely dedicated team of Executives who didn't let the pandemic slow them down, the recipient of the Club of the Year award goes to - the Pride+ Club!

The Pride+ Club works to provide an environment on campus that is filled with love, compassion and joy, and where differences are celebrated to foster a safer and welcoming community.

Successfully raising over $8,000 in funds and in-kind donations from community partners, the Pride+ Club hosted a variety of successful events and continued to make SAIT a place where people can be themselves.

Saitsa is proud to recognize the club's commitment to students and wishes the club continued success. #LoveisLove

2022 Saitsa Instructor Excellence Awards

Instructor Winners & Nominees will be acknowledged by SAIT at their Instructor Recognition Reception in the Fall semester.

About The Award

We believe outstanding instructors should be acknowledged for their dedication and hard work at SAIT, which is why we honour their commitment via these awards. Since 2008, Saitsa has been encouraging students to nominate their instructors for these prominent awards.


Fara Shafee

Academic Services

About The Winner

A students' journey at SAIT can start in a variety of ways, and for those in Academic Upgrading, the instructors they encounter can have a tremendous impact on their path in post-secondary, including whether or not they continue into a program at SAIT.

Fara's passion for teaching and intuition helped change one nominators' life for the better and they "can never express enough words of gratitude and [they've]...restarted their life."

All instructors at SAIT have impacts on those they teach and support, and Saitsa is delighted to celebrate an instructor like Fara who strives to support students and meet them where they are and encourage their future success. Thank you for providing such wonderful support and encouragement to your students, it is appreciated more than you know. Congratulations Fara!


Nisha Midha

MacPhail School of Energy

About The Winner

Students benefit from instructors who are well-organized, responsive, and understanding of the challenges that students face; Nisha is appreciated for all those qualities and more as her "gestures to support her student's success in and out of the class" set her apart from others.

Though Nisha holds high standards for her students, they also appreciate her willingness to meet students where they are and to help those who are challenged by the material to grasp concepts and succeed.

Nisha's willingness to admit that she doesn't have all the answers is also appreciated by her students as it sets the stage for them to understand that learning is life-long and it's okay to admit when you don't know the answer. By providing extra attention, time and resources for students, Nisha supports and encourages her students to excel.

Thank you Nisha for improving the student experience by being you, congratulations on your excellence!


Dan Stephenson

School for Advanced Digital Technology

About The Winner

Though the majority of their time is spent either prepping, delivering course content and grading, it is clear from the nominations that Dan's commitment to support students both in and out of the classroom is appreciated by his students. Dan is known to "reach out after a lesson to answer a question he couldn't cover during his lecture" and provides rich and thoughtful feedback on assignments. Known for his passion to both the subject and his students, "Dan never makes you feel bad for not knowing something" and "give[es] helpful tips for studying and caring for mental health."

Nominators wanted Dan recognized for his commitment and dedication to students' success both as students and as future professionals. Dan, your students appreciate all the effort you put into your work and they appreciate the passion that you bring with you, they even love coming to your lectures!

Congratulations Dan on being a 2022 recipient of the Instructor Excellence Award!

Keep on being you, students love it!


A. McLean

School of Business

About The Winner

By providing a platform for feedback and constructive criticism, A. McLean has made it known to her students that she cares about improving and providing the best possible experience to her students, one nominee stating "she makes us feel that we actually have a say and that we matter to her."

In addition to her openness, A. McLean also is passionate about what she teaches and makes learning fun by providing relevant examples that relate to the student experience.

Though Covid-19 resulted in a lot of disruptions and questions, A. McLean was a calm in the storm and made students feel safe and heard, one nominator expressing appreciation by stating "it is important to me to see a teacher like A. McLean that cares so much about a safe learning environment and still making sure her students learn all the same material [as in- person students]."

A. McLean, is it obvious from the nominations that you strive for excellence and that you care passionately about your students, nominees stated that they will forever value the skills and knowledge they've gained in your courses, and you have made learning "an absolute blast!"

Thank you for making such a positive and important impact on these students A. McLean, congratulations on being recognized for your excellence!


Antony Chen

School of Manufacturing & Automation*

About The Winner

Engaging, interesting, fun and welcoming are but a few words that describe Antony's nominations from students! By taking complex subject matter and making it relatable and easy to understand, Antony commits time to making sure each and every student in his class fully understands the topic before moving on. Some students even expressed that "I have fun learning statistics, which is not normally a fun subject!...I never feel confused in his classes."

Described by nominators as "very patient with …even the weird [questions] and explaining in a way that I have not ever seen for a math instructor." it's obvious that Antony's commitment to excellence is felt and appreciated by his students.

Congratulations Antony, thank you for being such a committed, passionate, caring and apparently funny instructor!

*Antony also works under Core Academic Learner Services


Jishnu Subedi

School of Construction

About The Winner

Nominators for Jishnu, or Dr. Subedi, happily described his teaching style as patient, engaging, respectful and inspiring, one even stating that "Dr. Subedi is a prime example of what an instructor at SAIT should aim for, what a professional should be like in the construction industry, and how determination and hard work can greatly change the teaching experience and future professional careers of the students lucky enough to have him as an instructor and as a mentor in [the] program."

By maintaining an "awesome and respectful class environment" and by being patient and helping everyone who needs it, Jishnu has developed a teaching style that Saitsa classifies as 'excellent'! Congratulations Jishnu on the award and for being such an inspirational and supportive instructor. SAIT students are lucky to have you!


Jennifer Hugh

School of Health and Public Safety

About The Winner

Supportive, encouraging, prepared and thorough - what more can you ask for in an instructor? According to the students that nominated her, Jennifer can't do much more as she's already doing so much to support the success of her students, inside and outside of the classroom.

Whether a student is struggling with a personal situation, or a question about the course or program, Jennifer makes sure students know "she is there to listen and assist in finding help..." and she "goes above and beyond to inquire about questions she doesn't have the answers to."

Jennifer's respectful approach to her students "really makes a at SAIT..." and she is respectfully seen as much "more than an instructor". Congratulations Jennifer, and thank you for your commitment to excellence, you have many students who "cannot wait to learn more from [you] next semester!"


Danielle Radke

School of Hospitality and Tourism

About The Winner

Danielle was wonderfully described by one of her nominators as "a beautiful human" and based on that and other nominations, it's true! Danielle is known by her students for being compassionate, curious and supportive to students when they are facing difficult personal situations and challenges. By making the classroom a place where it's okay to be human and to struggle, Danielle emphasizes the importance of mental health and regularly provides resources to students who come to her for support.

Always willing to help out and teach with enthusiasm, Danielle "often lifts the spirits of the whole class and gets everyone involved in discussion." Nominees expressed that they didn't feel like "just another student" and appreciate that Danielle wants to see her students succeed personally and professionally.

Congratulations Danielle! And thank you for teaching in a way that holistically supports students and emphasizes the importance of self-care.


Danny de Castro

School of Information and Communications Technologies

About The Winner

Students who nominated Danny appreciate that "he takes the time to listen and try to get to know each and every one of his students…and encourages [them] to be the best [they] can."

Danny, your commitment to being a caring and engaging instructor is what won you the award for Instructor Excellence. Your students appreciate that you create an environment where students want to participate in your courses and you make it so that students "feel supported as students and people."

Thank you for your commitment to students and to taking the time to get to know your students as the wonderful humans they are. Congratulations on winning the 2022 Instructor Excellence Award!


Kyle Hegadus

School of Transportation

About The Winner

The commitment to excellence is felt by those who nominated Kyle for this award, described as going above and beyond and taking a genuine interest in his students, Kyle is clearly well respected by those in his classes.

The thorough preparation and "amount of detail Kyle goes into for each subject is greatly appreciated…Kyle's expertise allow all of us to really put our trust in him." and trust is especially important for those new to the country, "He is always willing to help and has a lot of patience for my many questions…it has made my transition as an International student much easier."

From labs to exams, Kyles preparation and genuine caring personality made Kyle stand out and ultimately the recipient of this award.

Thank you Kyle for your commitment to excellence and to providing an experience for students that will carry them forward into future success!