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Home Page Banner

108,000+ Visits

271,000+ Page Views

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Home Page Banner

$2000 September/January
$1250 All Other Months
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  • Custom Link
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  • JPG, PNG
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January 2023 Statistics

15,900 visitors to website

39,400 page views

September 2022 Statistics

19,500 visitors to website

49,000 page views

Advertising & Sponsorship Website
Advertising & Sponsorship Website




Saitsa hosts a variety of on-campus events throughout the year that see thousands of students in-attendance providing opportunities for you and your staff to get face-to-face and make real, lasting connections with SAIT students.

Pricing + More

Fall Orientation Booth

$850 10ft x 10ft table

$875 w/ Power Supply

  • Solar Jam
  • September 7, 2023

Winter Orientation Booth

$850 10ft x 10ft table

$875 w/ Power Supply

  • Polar Jam
  • January 11, 2024

Jam Bundle

Fall + Winter Booth

$1700 $1500
Advertising & Sponsorship SaitsaCrowdShot
Advertising & Sponsorship SaitsaFistBump



Student Bulletin

120,000+ Opens

9000+ Unique Clicks

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Advertising & Sponsorship StudentBulletinGif HighQuality
Advertising & Sponsorship StudentBulletin

Social Media


4600+ Followers

7000+ engagements

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Instagram Story Ad

$200 per story

Includes custom link

  • 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • 500kb max
  • JPG or PNG

5 IG Story AD Bundle

$1000 $800

Customized bundles available upon request

Note: only one story per advertiser per 24 hour period
(i.e. your ad runs at 9:00 a.m. Monday, your next ad cannot run until Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.)
Advertising & Sponsorship InstagramStory
Advertising & Sponsorship InstagramStory

Text Messaging

Tedi Hotline

Our BRAND NEW text messaging subscription service for SAIT Students. Headed by our beloved mascot Tedi.

Pricing + More

Sponsored Text Message

$500 per message

Custom text sent to our Tedi Hotline Subscribers


In-Kind Donation

Provide a valuable product, service, or experience and we'll promote it with a giveaway exclusively for Tedi Hotline subscribers

Advertising & Sponsorship Tedi Hotline1000x667
Advertising & Sponsorship TediHotline Imagery

Print Advertising

Survival Guide

5000+ Prints

10,000+ Digital Views

Pricing + More

Back Cover Ad

$2000 - ONE PER YEAR
  • Outside Back Cover
  • Premium Placement
  • Size TBD Each Year
  • PDF, JPG, or PNG
  • CMYK 300dpi

Advertising & Sponsorship SurvivalGuideTable
Advertising & Sponsorship SaitsaSurvivalGuide

Sponsor Student Programming

Help us, Help Students

Student Funding

Saitsa Awards

As a sponsor of the Saitsa Awards program, you'll help us celebrate those who encompass and embrace the spirit of what it means to be a member of the SAIT community. The Saitsa Awards predominantly recognize students who demonstrate a commitment to improving the student experience at every opportunity through school spirit, student support, and advocacy.

Student Funding

Student Grant Program

As the brand-name sponsor for Saitsa Student Grant Program you'll be invested in helping students enhance their education through extra-curricular courses, certifications, conferences and more. And by investing in students, you'll be investing in the community.

Student Support

Emergency Food Fund

As a sponsor of the Emergency Food Fund, you'll help us ensure that no student goes hungry and students will remember your generosity.

Saitsa’s Emergency Food Fund is designed to support SAIT students who are experiencing food insecurity due to financial hardships. During the 2021/2022 the demand for this program was so overwhelming we were in the unfortunate position of having to suspend the program before the end of the winter semester.

If support and community are values your organization believes in, this might be the sponsorship program for you.

Student Support

Wellness Bank

At Saitsa we believe that hygiene should be a basic right, not a luxury. Which is why we've created the Wellness Bank to help students in-need get essential hygiene items such as shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, deodorant, feminine hygiene products and more.

Like the Emergency Food Fund, this program was also met with an overwhelming demand that saw us ending the program before the end of the Winter semester. As a sponsor of the Wellness Bank, you'll help us ensure that students have access to the hygiene products they need regardless of their financial status.

If support and community are values your organization puts first, this might be the program for you.

Food Security

Tedi Market

The Tedi Market is a new initiative started in 2022 to help students facing food insecurity.

The Tedi Market provides fresh fruits and produce as well as non-perishable items to students at a pay-what-you-can rate.

The initiative has been a huge success seeing over 100 students attend each market.

Holiday Cheer


The Adopt-A-Family program is a seasonal program that runs in the months leading up the winter holiday season. Over 25% of SAIT students identify as parents and/or caregivers and Saitsa knows that the holiday season is tough for some families and the Adopt-A-Family program provides support for families in need to make sure they have a happy holiday season.

As a sponsor for the Adopt-A-Family program you can help put smiles on the faces of SAIT students and their families.

If your organization loves spreading holiday cheer and making sure that no family gets left behind, this could be the sponsorship program for you.