Saitsa’s Mission

To improve the student experience at every opportunity through school spirit, student support and advocacy.


Saitsa’s Vision

A community where students are inspired to learn, lead, and be exceptional.

Students Are Our Business

What is the SAIT Students’ Association a.k.a Saitsa? We are a non-profit organization representing SAIT students. Our mandate is to enhance the student experience at every opportunity. We operate a variety of student services that provide a wide range of activities and programming designed to meet each students’ unique needs and interests. Saitsa does NOT make a profit. Any surplus revenue gets re-invested into student activities and services. We are a student-led and student-focused organization that continues to push the boundaries of what an ideal student experience looks like. Additionally, we advocate on your behalf at the institutional level, and at all levels of government to ensure your voice is heard.

Where To Find Us

  • Main Office (Campus Centre building, V204)
  • Governance & Advocacy Office (Senator Burns building, NN118)
  • Resource Centre: (Stan Grad building, MC107)
  • Peer Support Centre (Senator Burns building, NJ105)
  • Health & Dental Benefits Centre (Senator Burns building, NN117)
  • The Gateway (Campus Centre building, V203)
  • Odyssey (Campus Centre building, V211)
  • Station Market (Senator Burns building, NN120)
  • Station Express (Stan Grad building, MB108)
  • The Weal (Campus Centre building, V219)

Our Team

Saitsa is led by our Board as well as our amazing student leaders, the Executive Council.
Together, we work to enhance the student experience.

Saitsa full time staff work to support the Board of Directors and Executive Council to carry out their goals.