Your Board of Directors Candidates


SAITSA’s Board of Directors election is on Oct 4 & 5. Check out all the candidates and be sure to vote. Voting instructions will be sent to your SAIT email.

When voting…

  • You can select up to 14 directors – you are not required to make 14 selections if you do not want to, you may leave a selection blank
  • Yes means yes: if you want a candidate to represent you on the Board, then select ‘yes’
  • No means no: if you do not want a candidate to represent you on the Board, then select ‘no’ – a no vote is a vote against the candidate
  • If you would like to abstain from voting for a candidate – select the abstain option. Abstaining is a vote neither for nor against the candidate.

Voting closes at 4pm on October 5.


Jess Beddow

Hi I'm Jess. I'm rerunning for the SAITSA BOD to keep some continuity on the Board and keep up with the fun! I really enjoyed what I learned and want to carry on with our goals and accomplishments.  Get out and VOTE on Oct 4th & 5Th
SAY JESS TO JESS! Let's have another great year Sait!

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Joshua Bettle

Let’s create a more sustainable SAITSA.

Each year, we invest hundreds of hard-earned dollars into this organization – not by choice.

How will we better use those fees?

How will we leave a lasting legacy?

How will we be known as leaders for our future?

If you value expanding on helping students lead a lifestyle that promotes: Environmental; financial; and social sustainability, then we share those values. You have the option to vote for an experienced Board member who knows how to get things done.
Joshua Bettle

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Kaylee Beyene

Howdy there,

My name is Kaylee Beyene (/Bee-yehn/) and I’m in my first year of the Broadcast Systems Technology program in the School of ICT. I am running for a position on the Board of Directors with the intention of getting the voices of students in small programs like mine to be heard. If you feel like your voice isn’t being heard,  or you just need to talk, don’t be afraid to let me know and I will do my best to help. I look forward to seeing you all in this next school year. Don’t be a stranger and
Matthew Busby

Hello my name is Matthew Busby. I am running for a position on the Board of Directors for SAITSA. I am Running on a position of inclusiveness. I plan to achieve this by putting pressure on the SAIT administration to include apprenticeships and part time students in the dental and healthcare plans. I view this as an unacceptable truth that some students have the option and some do not. Vote Busby, Vote Inclusive, Vote Yes.

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Daniel Caine

Hello. I am a third year Business Administration student. I have been involved with the board for the last 2 years. One as a guest and member of the External Advisory Committee. The other as a Director and member of the Student Life Committee. This is also my second year on the SAIT Board of Academics, where last year I was on the committee that helped introduce the co-curricular transcripts to SAIT. This year I hope to learn a bit more about finance and/or governance with SAITSA. Have a great day, and please, vote Caine for BOD .

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Ninar Chaachouh

Greetings friends,

My name is Ninar Chaachouh, and I’m in my third year of the Bachelor of Business Administration program, majoring in Management. My goal as a member of the Board of Directors is to ensure transparency and representation to and of you, the student body. Keeping it simple and sweet, I want you all to know that I plan to be myself, so remember, be yourself and rock it.

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Jesse Corbel

The SAITSA BoD has not had an IT student for a long time, and that’s where I come in.
I’m concerned with representing my fellow students in IT by providing them with a voice that they have been lacking. Instead, we have some of the lowest satisfaction results, the lowest employment rates, and we could be doing a lot better to represent these amazing students.
I’m not going to promise the world and not deliver; I’m going to be a leader in my community and do my part to solve the problems in SAITSA that could benefit all of us.

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Hunter Mills

Hello, my name is Hunter Mills and I am running on behalf of SAIT students and my goal is to have YOUR voice heard.
The biggest complaint I hear around campus is the ESCALATORS.
I want to get to the bottom of this issue while creating a more transparent dialog between SAIT and students.
In addition, I will explore the topic of LOWER FEES and more useful benefits that are associated with these fees.
I am looking forward to an awesome school year!
All the best to you inside and outside the classroom!
Ryan Morstad

I have extensive experience working with clubs through my time at SAIT and my goal is to transfer this knowledge and bring more community and social events around campus. My mission is to create a bigger community and make it easier to make friendships around the school. Over the past year as the Calgary Surf Club President I organized 6+ major events, built countless new friendships, and I hope to help other clubs do the same.  As part of your BOD I will work to make your time at Sait better! 
Ha Nguyen

I’m running for BOD for the benefit of SAITSA members.

Despite our already high tuition, we still invest hundreds of dollars in the Student Association, yet none of us are clear as to where our money is going. SAITSA needs to be more transparent.

International student tuition is both high and unpredictable. In some programs, there could be a raise of more than $2000 per year. Tuition shouldn’t be changing this drastically.

SAIT is so behind on being green. You have to play a scavenger hunt in order to find a compost bin or recycling bin. It’s time for CHANGE.
Donny Nichols

Hello eveeyone!
My name is Donny and I'm in my second year in the Architechtural Technologies program here at SAIT. I am running for my second term as Board Director and would be honored if you would consider me. Most of my current goals are printing and event related if you would like to hear more about them feel free to send an email to:
Facebook @DonnyNicholssaitsaBOD.
Or Snapchat @donnyepicmann

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Carol Poole

Hi, I'm Carol Poole, a third year electrician apprentice.
I'm running in the SAITSA board of directors elections this year to represent the apprentices better. As apprentices we aren't often in school very long, usually two months, but I believe our school experience could be enriched by being more involved and I aim to help make everyone's time here at SAIT the absolute best it can be!
Akhil Sharma

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Namaste! Nǐmén hǎo! Kamastas!

I am Akhil, a second year Architectural Technologies student. I am also a Co-president of Architectural Technologies Student Association. One of my biggest passions is working for the community. I think at SAIT we are all disconnected in our different programs and I believe, the best way to unite everyone is through more common and more inclusive events. If elected for Board of directors, I will work on events, International student benefits and student’s campus experience. So, if you want more free food events; you know whom to vote for 😉
Desiree Venne

My name is Desiree Venne and I am running for a position on the Board of Directors for SAITSA.  This is my second year in the Legal Assistant Program.   My main objective is to create a positive culture around campus and get students involved in the many activities that SAITSA has to offer.  As a mature student in post-secondary it is extremely important to me that students immerse themselves in this experience.  I also want to be the voice for students with various struggles throughout their time at SAIT and hope that my approachability helps me achieve this.
Vote Yes!