Since early on in the campus closures due to COVID-19, we have been asking students to let us know how they have been impacted.

The reoccurring theme amongst the SAIT student population was being strongly impacted by the current grading model and online-delivery of courses, and they worried that their grades would suffer due to this sudden transition.

We encouraged students to write us letters outlining how they have been impacted by this situation and we received over 25 personal letters from students, and a petition with over 1600 signatures.

From this feedback we determined mirroring the University of Calgary’s optional CR/F grading model would be ideal for our student members.

Your elected student executive council wrote a letter to SAIT administration and brought this issue up with all members of the SAIT executive team. These advocacy efforts culminated in a meeting with SAIT’s Vice President Academic, Brad Donaldson, on April 7th.

We presented on behalf of your concerns and we are hearing the results of our advocacy efforts today.

Please click here for an update from SAIT in regards to final grades for the Winter 2020 semester.