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#Textbook Broke Campaign: Volunteer


The SAITSA Vice-President Academic is looking for students to join SAIT’s 2018-19 #Textbook Broke Campaign. The #Textbook Broke Campaign Volunteers will be responsible for understanding and educating other students/faculty on Open Educational Resources.

This campaign is to provide more awareness and education to our student body and faculty about Open Education Resources.  68% of students at SAIT have never heard of OERs and 94% have said it was a benefit to their learning.

Commitment to the campaign:

  • 3-7 hours per week
  • Willingness to take a stand
  • Communicate well with big and small groups of students
  • Not afraid to go above and beyond
  • Become educated about OERs
  • Willingness to learn and grow
  • Outgoing

Perks of being part of the Open Education Resource #Textbook Broke Campaign.

  • Fantastic addition to your resume
  • Expand your network
  • Promote and educate students and faculty about more affordable and accessible textbooks
  • Qualify for SAITSA awards


Full breakdown of time commitment required:

September 10-14: Selfie table – 10am-12pm and 1pm-2pm in the Atrium all week

September 17-21: Build the support and momentum for upcoming campaign events. Recruit more volunteers if needed.
Data basing (2 hr) Posters (3 hr)
1 media story from a student

September 24-28: Used Book Graveyard.
Tabling between 10am-2pm @ SAIT Library
Faculty outreach and statements of support (3 hrs)

October 1-5: Prep for Petting Book Zoo & Textbook Taste Test events.
Posters (3hr)
Faculty outreach and statements of support (2 hr)
Student statements of support
Data basing (2 hr)

Oct 8-12: Petting Book Zoo (Oct 10) and Textbook Taste Test (Oct 9 & 11)
Tabling October 9 & 11, 2018 @10am-1pm in the Atrium
Tabling October 10 between 10am-2pm in the SAIT Library
1 media story from a student who attended one of the events
Student statements of support
Faculty outreach and statements of support (2 hr)

Oct 15-19: Prep for The Price is Wrong event
Posters (2 hr)
Data basing (2 hr)

Oct 22-26: The Price is Wrong event
October 22, 23, & 24 in the Atrium @ 11am-1pm
Student statements of support
Tabling (3 hr)

Nov 5-9: Prep for the Public Forum
Posters (3 hr)

Nov 12-16: Public forum
Nov 14 between 12pm-2pm in the Atrium
1 media story from a speaker

Definition of OERs: Open Educational Resources or Open Courseware are class resources that are freely available to users anywhere. These resources may include textbooks, readings, multi-media, assignments, or can even be an entire course. Most have specific licenses regarding use, revision, and sharing.

Please submit your resume along with your fall semester schedule (if available) to Tanya Pittis @saitsa.vpacademic@edu.sait.caby 4pm September 5, 2018.


For the full job description and how to apply: Download PDF