Check out what we have for those looking to get involved with volunteer efforts at SAIT, how volunteering has helped those within the SAIT community and how this will benefit you when looking and applying for future jobs.

Volunteer Testimonials

Today we’re sharing volunteer testimonials with you, to showcase the ways that volunteering can increase your overall wellness. Check out the video, or read the full testimonials below!


  • Abirami Santhran: “Volunteering big or small can cause a sense of purpose in someone’s life. I believe creating purpose in someone’s life can positively impact their mental wellbeing. I haven’t volunteered much but I have done short volunteering tasks for a day or so for different organizations. Therefore, not only are you helping out the community but also you grow as a person and learn new things along the way!”
  • Arvie Justine Isidro (SAIT volunteer): “Volunteering is not something that I see as an additional edge on my resume, LinkedIn, or cover letter, but rather it is another way for myself to discover who I am. Being a Mentorship Team Lead at the Peer Mentorship Program at SAIT has allowed me to explore a passion that I had ever since I was younger. These volunteering commitments have given me so many opportunities to grow as a person and a future accounting leader. It provides me the chance to enhance my communication skills, social skills, and most importantly, my ability to manage a team. It is always so humbling to see how I can help fellow students who are also struggling in adjusting into the lifestyle of university. When I transitioned into post-secondary, I was clueless. I had no one to ask for guide on how I can navigate throughout my first year. This is probably one of the reasons why I have decided to participate as a Mentorship Team Lead. I want to share my experiences with fellow students because as we are all aware, online school is not the best way to learn complex concepts. However, we are currently living in a situation where public health awareness is our number one priority. I am so satisfied that I can share some of my tips and tricks for studying with my fellow students at the Peer Mentorship Program. Being a volunteer is not just about helping the community to build an inclusive and well-rounded environment for everyone, but rather it helps me grow as a person. Ever since I became a volunteer, I have seen tremendous growth in my social skills, interpersonal skills, and most importantly, my mental health has improved because becoming a volunteer is all about learning about yourself. I have rediscovered my passion for mentoring fellow students. It’s always fulfilling to see how I, as a student volunteer, can make significant impact on others.”
  • Betty Lubega: “Volunteering with Saitsa is one of the best decisions I’ve made as a student! It has given me the opportunity to meet students in person and virtually, and to really connect with students from different programs. Helping other students learn and experience the resources that Saitsa has to offer has really been an opportunity that I’ll never forget. I always feel happier when I’m volunteering because I really get to connect with others.Volunteering improved my communication, organization, and problem-solving skills, and it helped me to learn new skills. I learned more about myself with each opportunity, and I gained more confidence. Some of my best memories as a student have been from volunteering.”
  • Chao-Yi Li: “This year people are facing a difficult time so do I, and lots of people feel depress, stress and helpless. For me, I felt depressed sometimes, especially the lectures are delivering online which was hard to connect and communicate to peers and other social networks. Thus, when I saw there are still having the chance to apply volunteers in Saitsa, I think it is time to make some change and I knew that helping people makes me feel happy and much positive during this time.In the 2012 summer break, I was volunteering in the library, mainly responsible for organizing and finding books in the kid’s area also play with them. Moreover, I was helping other areas when they need help. Via this experience, I do like helping people and it makes me feel a sense of achievement. Therefore, I applied for SAITSA volunteers in different teams such as tax program teams, metal WHAT teams, hoping that I could contribute to the team and helping people during this pandemic. A quote that inspired me a lot is from Zig Ziglar “Making a big life change is pretty scary. But know what is scarier? Regret.”
  • Chris Magnusson: “I am very much an introvert by nature, and volunteering with the various organizations that I did so with helped me open up. I got to meet cool people, many of whom I’ve run into randomly since my time with Saitsa. And if you’re into self-promotion, you can add it to your resume and get hired faster.”
  • Debbie Chadwick: “Simply knowing that you have made a meaningful contribution to someone else’s life or even just made them smile when they were feeling upset or worried is truly a wonderful feeling. Be it passing on your knowledge about a subject, informing people about an important issue or just plain old making sure someone has some fun, it’s invaluable and forges real connections and gives the person volunteering a tremendous sense of satisfaction.”
  • Jennifer Hiu Nam Mok: “To me, volunteering is a way to meet new people and learn new things. Due to COVID-19, I didn’t meet any new friends since the lockdown started. Also, my level of English conversation maybe decreasing because I don’t have enough practice. My life at home is like stagnant water, no special or surprises. Therefore, I am looking forward to the following volunteer activities. At least, I am ready for the CVIPT now.”
  • Ngan (Kim) Phan: “My name is Kim, and I am from Vietnam. The first time that I have volunteered is for a child home where parentless children live and study in my country. It becomes one of the most meaningful experience I have had until now. I came there with other friends to help their ‘mothers’ – people who take care of them to prepare daily foods, play with these children, and talk with them about schoolwork. Seeing how happy they were at that time was gorgeous for me. Besides, I have experienced another volunteering activities in schools. I see myself growing kindness, love from people that I help, and gaining positive thoughts from other participants about volunteer. I did not have any volunteering last year, mostly because of problems from the pandemic. That is a reason why I want to do it more in this year. I understand that 2020 was the tough year for everyone, and it had a big impact on everything, especially mental health. Few people may feel hopeless and lost; others may need motivation and support in the new year. I hope to have a chance to make a great contribution to SAIT community and meet new people as well.”
  • Stephen Nagy: “Volunteering with Saitsa connected me with students in other programs that I otherwise wouldn’t meet. It’s a great way to make new friends by sharing experiences. Patrolling campus as a member of Safewalk gave me the opportunity to provide a service for the well-being of my fellow students.”