Tips From The VP Academic


Midterm season is here! October and November are usually super busy and stressful for students. Two things that helped me during these stressful times is making sure I managed my time effectively and that I prioritized my tasks appropriately. At SAIT we have many support services that students can lean on during these stressful times such as: The Lamb Learner Success Centre (MC221), SAITSA Peer Support Centre (NJ105), SAIT Student Development and Counselling, and SAITSA’s Own Your Midterm events. There are two key services I would like to highlight. First the Lamb Learner Success Centre and secondly, Own Your Midterms.

The Lamb Learner Success Centre (LLSC) provides academic workshops, academic coaching, tutoring, tutorials, academic probation support, and preparation courses for all SAIT students.

Specifically the LLSC offers peer-to-peer tutoring whereby students can get paid to teach other students on a subject matter they are comfortable and confident in. Tutoring services also apply to apprenticeship programs as well – it’s a great way for apprentices who are off work for the duration of their studies to obtain some money!

Another great resource the LLSC offers is academic coaching. Academic coaching can assist students with time management, communication, and/or other skills to help you succeed during your time here at SAIT.

Below I’ve include my top 10 list which features my favourite academic workshops and prep courses at the Lamb Learner Success Centre:

1.       How to master time management
2.       Improve your memory
3.       How to write exams like a pro
4.       How to take better notes
5.       How to become a test prep expert
6.       PREP 100
7.       PREP 145 – for apprentices
8.       MATH 145 – for apprentices
9.       MATH 123 – math refresher
10.   ETHI 110 – academic honesty awareness

Also for those of you who may struggle with exam anxiety or have a hard time focusing during exams, check out Accessibility Services in the Lamb Learner Success Centre. Accessibility Services helps to create exam accommodation plans for a variety of students based on their learning style, physical disability or mental illness.

Daily from 11a.m.-1 p.m. at select locations visit the Own Your Midterm events!

  • Tuesday, Oct. 16 – Aldred Centre
  • Wednesday, Oct. 17 – Senator Burns
  • Thursday, Oct. 18 – Aero Centre
  • Friday, Oct. 19 – Library

Own Your Midterm provides students with FREE academic coaching and midterm studying resources while offering FREE coffee, snacks, comfy couches, video games and much much more!  SAITSA works collaboratively with the Reg Erhardt Library, Student Development & Counselling, and the Lamb Learner Success Centre to ensure these events are accessible to as many students as possible, so be sure to stop by for a visit!

Hang in there friends! Midterms will be over as soon as you know it and you’ll well on your way to crushing the next thing that comes along.

Tanya Pittis
VP Academic, SAIT Students’ Association