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Current events, hot-takes, and entertainingly candid conversation about the world through the eyes of Saitsa Executive Council members Liam Hunter and Ryan Morstad.

About The Asterisk

What happens when two Saitsa Executive Council members get together to talk current events, Student life, SAIT news, and… beyond? Well, let’s just say it’s equal parts entertaining, comedic, and informative, with a dash of that Saitsa charm.

The Asterisk is a SAIT Students’ Association Podcast, based out of Calgary, AB. Saitsa is a non-profit organization representing SAIT students, enhancing the student experience at every opportunity through school spirit, student support and advocacy. This podcast is a conversation-driven opportunity for our Executive Council members to further connect with the students they so proudly represent.


Ryan Morstad

Ryan Morstad

(Co-host) President, Saitsa

Liam Hunter

Liam Hunter

(Co-host) VP External, Saitsa

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Posted January 21, 2021

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Most Recent Episode:

Episode Five: Canceling New Year’s Resolutions and Work-Integrated Learning  

In this fifth episode of The Asterisk, Ryan Morstad, (President) and Liam Hunter (VP External) welcome us into the new year by telling us how they really feel about new year’s resolutions, and they welcome Brittany Lausen, the Chair of the Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC) and the President of Students’ Association of Red Deer College.

Season 1, Episode 5   |   60min

The Asterisk

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