Taxes FAQ

I didn’t receive a T4 from my employer, can I still file my taxes?

You can find all your information on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website. Create an account and you will be able to locate all the information associated with your SIN or ITN.


If I am filing with a spouse or common-law partner, can I file for the both of us?

For us to process the return, we will need both partners present at the clinic.  

Why do I need the prior year’s notice of assessment?

If you filed taxes for 2020, this gives the Saitsa CVITP volunteers the most up to date information relating to you for the previous year file. We need this to look for RRSP contributions or anything that carries forward into future years.


Can I claim my transit expenses if I have the U-Pass?

No, this was unfortunately eliminated effective June 2017.


What if I didn’t work and don’t have a T4?

You should still file as you will have your T2202A for tuition credits. This doesn’t guarantee a return, but you should still file taxes.


Can I claim my textbooks as an expense? 

No, this was also unfortunately eliminated in 2017.


I paid tuition this year, does this affect my taxes? 

Yes, this reduces the amount of taxes you will need to pay. Your tuition will show on your T2202A which you can find in your My Student account on MySait. 

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