Students at Large for SAITSA Committees


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Want to get involved with SAITSA and earn some volunteer hours at the same time? 

Then consider joining one of our committees!  Currently SAITSA has openings on SEVEN committees for students at large – that means you!

Deadline to apply is November 13, 2017 by 4pm.

In a short written application (no more than 300 words) please outline some reasons why you are interested in joining the committee, and why you feel you are a good candidate.

What we are looking for in your application:

  • What makes you passionate about the committee?
  • Qualifications for the committee
  • Resume (optional)

If you are interested in applying to be a member of a committee, please email your application to: Joshua Bettle – Chair of the SAITSA Board of Directors –

Committees Available:

1. Student Space Expansion Advisory Committee

The Student Space Expansion Advisory Committee is an ad-hoc committee of the SAITSA Board of Directors. The committee is responsible for gathering stakeholder feedback on the development of a new student association building and expansion of non-academic student space on the main and satellite campuses of SAIT Polytechnic. Members ideally will show an interest in the process of creating a new student association building and an interest in advising on design and services.  Meetings are scheduled as frequently as necessary, but no more than twice a month.

2. Environmental Sustainability Ad-hoc Committee

The Environmental Sustainability Committee is an ad-hoc committee of the SAITSA Board of Directors. SAITSA is committed to reducing our impact on the environment, and the Board wants to include students in that initiative.  The purpose of the committee is to create strategic support for reducing SAITSA’s environmental impact on the SAIT campus through student-led perspectives.  The committee will review SAITSA’s initiatives for environmental sustainability and create a strategy that will likely include recommendations on how SAITSA can provide support for students to learn how to integrate sustainability into their personal lives.  This committee will meet once a month.

3. Advocacy Committee

The purpose of the committee is to strategize and govern SAITSA’s advocacy efforts to best represent students’ welfare both internally and externally.

4. Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for the revision and reconstruction of SAITSA’s current 2014-2017 Strategic Plan.

5. Finance Committee

The purpose of this committee is to adopt the audited financial statements, approve the operating budget and approve capital asset requests from $20,001 to $60,000, and to complete other duties as outlined in the SAITSA Bylaws and policies and procedures. Any capital asset request over $60,001 must be approved by the Board as a whole, as per SAITSA policy Fin – 3: Capital Assets.

6. Governance Committee

The purpose of the Governance Committee is:

a. To review policies and bylaws, and submit recommendations and requests for changes to these documents to the Governance and Advocacy Manager.

b. To prepare the documentation required to conduct a multi-source assessment of the members of the Executive Council.

c. When necessary, to provide the Executive Council and/or Board with recommendations for strategic governance of the organization.

d. To provide support to all Board committees regarding terms of references.

e. Other governance-related duties and responsibilities as required (e.g. annual Board Calendar (January to January), capacity building plan).

7. Campus Life Committee

The purpose of the Campus Life Committee is:

a. To oversee the spending of funds designated to the Board for improvement of campus life and student welfare, and to inform the Board when it is necessary to strike an ad-hoc committee for the administration of said funds.

b. To provide strategic vision for the improvement of student life for SAITSA’s membership.