Looking for a new podcast to listen to? Well it’s your lucky day, because we’ve got 7 great picks for you from our Saitsa staff members!

For something patriotic…

Taggart And Torrens (TnT)

I like this podcast because it’s just 2 individuals mostly just jibber-jabbering about everything and anything that they can think of, usually with games tossed in. They pull from their combined experiences, so it’s heavy Canadian content. But TnT is incredibly funny, and I think anyone can find something to relate to and laugh about in almost every episode.

Craig Walsh, Events and Programming Manager

For something kinda nerdy, but kinda cool…

Business Wars

The commentary for this podcast is hilarious and super engaging! Business Wars gives a behind the scenes look into some big business competitions. Some of my notable favourites are Nintendo versus Sony, FedEx versus UPS, and Facebook versus Snapchat. It think it’s so cool to learn about what some of these companies did to differentiate themselves and strive for success.

Bekah Callaghan, Volunteers Coordinator

Science Vs

This podcast covers a wide variety of topics and breaks down the science of the subject and compares it to common opinions and perceptions. From vaping to lab-grown meat, astrology to probiotics, Science Vs is a great way to learn about a subject and get both sides of the story before making your own mind up.

Rachel Paris, Governance and Advocacy Manager

Very Bad Wizards (VBW)

VBW checks a lot of boxes for me! It’s educational and informative, as one might expect from a podcast hosted by a philosopher and a psychologist, but also humorous and irreverent. It’s like sitting in on a conversation between 2 longtime friends as they effortlessly move between poignant observations on topics of the day and witty banter, as well as some not so witty but equally entertaining lowbrow humour. As an added bonus, co-host David Pizarro creates beats for VBW including the epic theme song and the break music featured throughout the podcast. Whenever I’m having a hard time deciding whether I want to listen to something educational or entertaining, I can turn on an episode of VBW and know that I’ll be getting the best of both worlds.

Jordan Clermont, Graphic Designer

For something a little more niche…

Breaking Beyond – Guided Meditation

I enjoy that all the episodes are 30 minutes or less, because I find it easier to fit into my schedule that way. I’ve tried ALL the meditation apps, but this podcast really stands out for me, as the focus is on visualizations. The visualizations help me to focus on both the practice of meditation itself and my own goals!

Jessica L’Heureux, Events and Programming Assistant Manager

Serial Killers

This podcast dives deep into the origin stories of notorious serial killers, and then goes into their crimes. I really like how they describe their upbringings and crimes as a story, even though it’s historical. It’s truly disturbing how serial killers are brought up and how their past ends up shaping the way they operate later on in life. It’s the argument of nature versus nurture.

Angela Walgren, Governance and Advocacy Administration Coordinator

For something Saitsa…

Did you know that we started our own podcast in 2020?

The Asterisk

What happens when 2 of our Executive Council (EC) members get together to talk current events, student life, SAIT news, and… beyond? Well, let’s just say it’s equal parts comedic, entertaining, and informative with a dash of that Saitsa charm! The Asterisk, hosted by Ryan Morstad (President) and Liam Hunter (VP External), is a conversation-driven opportunity for our EC members to further connect with the students they so proudly represent. To date, we’re proud to say that we have 5 episodes out there for your listening! Check out The Asterisk directly on our website or on your favourite streaming platform!