This week (March 8-12) is Sexual Awareness Week! We’ll be including daily posts, including a Consent Tea Video, Sexual Health Resources, Sexual Health Terms, and more!

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Monday, March 8

Consent is a conscious agreement to engage in sexual activity. It is continuing and voluntary throughout the engagement in sexual activities.

Consent is:

  • Freely given – without pressure, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not given by someone else, and/or without manipulation
  • Reversible – anyone engaging in the sexual activity can change their mind at anytime
  • Informed – knowing what the consent is giving consent to do
  • Enthusiastic – wanting to engage in the sexual activity because you want to and not because you feel expected to
  • Specific – consenting to one sexual activity does not mean giving consent to other sexual activities

SAIT’s Sexual Assault and Violence page provides resources and processes for:

  • Reporting an assault
  • Getting support
  • Giving support
  • Partnerships and campaigns

The Best Sex You Neva Had – Join Saitsa and Canadian Certified Counsellor, Tia Larkin MA, MEd., for The Best Sex-Ed You Neva Had on March 8 at 5pm! This is not your average sex-ed High School class as we plan to cover all the things that would have made your teacher blush! We will be taking your questions about communicating with your partner, exploring your sexuality, and how to be confident walking into an “adult” store. Submit your questions in advance and be entered to win a $25 gift card! More info + submit your questions here.

Tuesday, March 9

Time for a Sexucation!

 Sexual Violence TermsDownload PDF

Sexual Assault Legislation and Policies:


Wednesday, March 10

Let’s Talk About Sex 

Join us today at the Let’s Talk About Sex event, from 4-5pm

Many people can be influenced by norms about sex that they have encountered from family, from cultural traditions, from peers or social media and from their own personal expectations.  Some of these norms may make things easier, and other times, they can make situations worse.  Join this workshop to consider how you can choose to take responsibility for being sex positive by recognizing your hopes and fears about sex and how building consent skills can improve your relationships in-and-out of the bedroom. More info here

Join via Zoom link here

Thursday, March 11

Yes, No, Maybe So: A Sexual Inventory Stocklist

Communication is a must when it comes to physically and emotionally safe consensual sex. It is not always an easy conversation to have with a partner so a great place to start is having this conversation with yourself!

 The Yes, No, Maybe So: A Sexual Inventory Stocklist from Scarleteen, allows you to go through scenarios and mark each situation with a yes (“I want to”), no (“I don’t want to or I don’t think I would”) or maybe (“I might”).

 Click here to get started!

Friday, March 12

Today we have a social media contest for you! Visit our Instagram here for details + info on how to enter.