This week (Jan. 18 – 22) is Self Care Week! We’ll be releasing content every day this week to inspire you to take care of your wellness. Check down below for our self-care tips, a workout video, a link to a guided meditation, a social media contest, and details on how to win a self-care box!


Tune into the video to learn more about our upcoming self-care and Wellness Wednesday programs, details on how to win a self-care box, self-care tips, and how not to stress over New Year’s Resolutions!


A great self-care tip is taking time to exercise! Let’s get active with the video created by Alyssa Wilkins.


Come find your inner peace and join us for a guided meditation by Shas Di at 12pm via Zoom!

Zoom link to join here.

Guided meditation is an excellent starting point for beginners.

A meditation practice involves focusing the mind on the present moment and self-awareness,
both of which can be difficult for someone used to letting the mind wander.

Typically, our thoughts are all over the map, trotting after sensory input, remembrances of the past and projections of the future.

But during mindfulness practice, we train the mind to stay put.  Meditating with a guide will provide direction.

You can follow the voice and instructions of the guide, which provides a distraction from other intruding thoughts.


Let’s talk about random acts of kindness! A random act of kindness is something that is given, without prompt, and with no ulterior motive. Here at Saitsa we wanted to put together a few ideas for you to do some Random Acts of Kindness for the people in your life, during the pandemic, so that we all might feel the joy that comes from being kind.

Check out our ideas for random acts of kindness here!


We have a social media contest for you!

What are you most proud of yourself for? Tell us by commenting on our Instagram post, and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a $50 gift card to Walmart, Skip the Dishes, or Amazon.