Student Creative Design Collective Club


Student Creative Design Collective

The Student Creative Design Collective (SCDC) is a social club for SAIT students who want a creative outlet. We explore various aspects of art and design such as web and print graphics, print and media production, and traditional arts and crafts. Exercise your creative skills with Design Challenges, learn some Design Tips, Tricks & Tutorials, attend virtual events and workshops, be a Featured Designer in our monthly newsletter, and more!



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Health & Dental Process for Fall 2021

As of July 5, 2021; Saitsa will be accepting Health & Dental Opt-Out forms for the Fall 2021 semester. As soon as you are registered or begin self-registration for the Fall 2021 semester you are able to submit a Health & Dental Opt-Out form.

You have until July 26 to send your completed Health & Dental opt-out form to Saitsa for processing before the tuition fee deadline in order to receive Opt-Out credits before paying tuition fees. All other Health & Dental opt-outs processed after July 26 will follow SAIT’s refund policy where credit balances may be applied to future terms.

SAIT Refunds: Credit balances, for students who are registered or plan to register in a future term, will be carried forward and applied as appropriate to that future term.  Refundable balances will also be assessed at the end of the academic year for refunding. More info here.