SAITSA Awards Program 2018/19



Applications for all of SAITSA’s awards are done through online application forms. Please see below for a description and the value of each award. SAITSA thanks all those who apply, but only those who successfully meet the application criteria will be considered.

Keystone Awards

A keystone is considered an essential component to the optimum maintenance of a structure or system; SAITSA cannot achieve its mission without the keystone values and ideologies of: advocacy, leadership, philanthropy, and community spirit. It is through our volunteers, staff, services, programs and operations that SAITSA exemplifies these values and ideologies. The Keystone Awards are the most coveted of all SAITSA awards and honour those who have helped support SAITSA in its efforts to provide the best possible experience for all SAIT students. An individual is eligible to receive one of each Keystone Awards once every ten years, with the exception of the Marcel Carpenter Award, which can be won numerous times.


AwardDescriptionRecipients/YearValueMore Info & Application
DC Fleming AwardTo be eligible a student must be able to demonstrate significant involvement in advocacy initiatives that raised awareness around issues that affect SAIT students.1$1,250DC Fleming Award
JM Parker AwardOnly those who are currently a member of the SAITSA Board of Directors (BOD) are eligible to apply for this award.1$1,250JM Parker Award
Therese Murray AwardThis award is presented to an individual who dedicates their time and efforts towards encouraging a more inclusive and welcoming campus-community.1$1,250Therese Murray Award
Marcel Carpenter AwardAny SAITSA or SAIT community member may nominate an individual who they feel demonstrates exceptional commitment to collaboration, networking, community building and/or mentorship with SAITSA. 1No monetary valueMarcel Carpenter Award

Student Experience Awards

SAITSA strives to ensure the experience of every SAIT student is enhanced through our programs, services and operations; from the ground up, SAITSA is run by and for SAIT students. While we have a team of dedicated full-time staff to ensure continuity and successful implementation of the strategic plan, all that SAITSA offers would not be possible without our passionate and enthusiastic volunteers and participants. The following awards recognize the significant impact that students, volunteers and clubs have within SAITSA.


AwardDescription Recipients/YearValueMore Info & Application
Apex AwardsIntended to reward anyone who demonstrates outstanding commitment to SAITSA, applicants of this award may be volunteers, Weal contributors, Directors, club members, or simply fans of SAITSA.12$750Apex Awards
Club of the Year Award This award is only available to SAITSA-registered clubs. Clubs that demonstrate a commitment to being actively engaged and involved with SAITSA may be given preference.1 Club$1,000Club of the Year Award

GRIT Awards

Completing assignments, attending class, managing group-work and studying for exams is just part of the story for a student; students must also manage their personal life, challenges, and relationships, all while managing the heavy workload a SAIT education demands. SAITSA recognizes that it takes a special and determined person to succeed academically while managing the many challenges life throws their way. The Grit Awards reward those who demonstrate perseverance and determination while completing their studies at SAIT.


AwardDescriptionRecipients/YearValueMore Info & Application
Perseverance Award Recipients of this award will have demonstrated that in the face of adversity, they persevered to achieve academic success.4$500Perseverance Award
Caregiver AwardIntended to award those who demonstrate a commitment to family as well as the pursuit of higher education, the Caregiver Award serves to recognize committed and compassionate students.4$500Caregiver Award
International Student Award This award acknowledges an international student who has demonstrated a passion towards being involved in the SAITSA community, while also succeeding academically.1$500International Student Award

Visionary Awards

In 2015, SAITSA’s Board of Directors established a three-year Strategic Plan, which outlines three key priorities designed to provide focus and to enhance the student experience and increase value for our student membership.

The three priorities identified in the strategic plan are:

  1. Student Stakeholders
  1. Student Space Expansion
  1. Organizational Sustainability

The following awards were designed to encourage collaboration and engagement of the student body with SAITSA’s 2015-2018 strategic plan:


AwardDescriptionRecipients/YearValueMore Info & Application
Industry Engagement AwardsThis award rewards individual students and clubs who demonstrate outstanding involvement with industry in Calgary and beyond. The recipients of this award demonstrate that their desire to engage with industry went beyond self-interests and focused on the SAIT student community as a whole.2 Individuals
& 1 Club
$500Industry Engagement Awards
Entrepreneur AwardThis award serves to recognize students who demonstrate leadership, ambition, ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit of a business owner.2$500Entrepreneur Award
Sustainability AwardThis award recognizes those who try to minimize the impact SAIT and its students have on the environment and the community, either through individual initiatives, class or group projects, and/or committee work.2 Individuals
& 1 Club
$500Sustainability Award

Instructor Excellence Awards

We believe outstanding instructors should be acknowledged for their dedication and hard work at SAIT, which is why we honour their commitment at the annual SAITSA Awards banquet each spring.  Since 2005, SAITSA has been encouraging students to nominate their instructors for this prominent award.


AwardDescriptionRecipients/YearValueMore Info & Nomination
Instructor Excellence AwardsInstructors can be nominated by their students at any time of the year; in order to be considered for the current academic year’s award process the nomination must be received by February 15th, applications will reopen at the beginning of the spring semester for the following academic year.1/School
9 Total
No monetary valueInstructor Excellence Awards