Saitsa wants to support current SAIT students with innovative ideas! Apply for Saitsa’s Snake Pit to get startup funding for your innovative project, whether it is community based or entrepreneurial. This funding is intended to help students get their business off the ground, start an event, or develop an innovative product.

Criteria for successInnovation or invention, potential (the likelihood the project has of creating a meaningful or significant impact), preparedness (the student has prepared sufficient documentation to show that they are prepared to complete this project), uniqueness and professionalism.


  • Application deadline – March 5
  • Presentation to the panel – March 12
  • Additional information required by panel – March 22
  • Panel selection deadline – March 26

Examples of Supporting Documents:

SWOT Analysis Example

Budget Example

Business Plan

Saitsa Snake Pit

  • Please include your name, program, year, where you are from, and any other information you'd like us to know! 250 words max.
  • Between 250 and 500 words, please describe the initiative you would like to take on for this program.
  • Maximum $1000
    Please enter a number from 1 to 1000.
  • Supporting Documents

    The following documents are not required, but are encouraged. The more information we have about your idea leads to a higher chance of award from our panel!
  • See example above form.
  • See example above form.
  • Can include an excel document.
  • See example above form.
  • Can include logos, etc.
  • Please include any that you may already have developed for this project.