SAIT Students’ Association is proud to announce that on May 5th, 2021, the Saitsa Board internally elected Liam Hunter as its President and Dawson Andrew Thomas as its Vice President! This news follows our February announcement that we will no longer be having an Executive Council but will however continue to have a Board of Directors from which a President and Vice President (VP) will be elected to lead Saitsa for the 2021-2022 academic year.
This will be Liam’s third term as a leader of Saitsa, as he spent last year working as VP External, and the previous year as a Board of Director. The President is the Chief Governing Officer (CGO) of Saitsa and represents SAIT students to all levels of government and the institution. Having successfully launched Saitsa’s first podcast, The Asterisk, Liam brings with him a wealth of knowledge on student issues and a passion for communicating them to the student body.
Previously serving as the Board’s Vice Chair, Dawson comes into his new role as VP with an infectious attitude to excel and serve. Dawson’s experience as the Pride Club President and Vice Chair on the Board have prepared him for the role of VP; the VP works closely with the President and serves the membership as the Deputy Chief Governing Officer. As the Deputy CGO, Dawson will also represent SAIT students to all levels of government and the institution.
We are very excited to work with both individuals – Liam and Dawson come to the positions with experience in student advocacy, and a passion for improving the experience of SAIT students.
We hope that you can join us in the spirit of celebrating them and welcoming them into our Saitsa family.
More info about Saitsa’s governance restructure can be found here.