SAITSA is hosting the first ever AMAZING RACE, presented by ATB Financial, on campus!

Grab a partner and race across campus together in the ultimate competition! Compete in a series of challenges at different locations across campus. The pair that finishes first will win $1,000!

Thanks for your interest in SAITSA’s first-ever Amazing Race! Unfortunately, all of the slots to race are currently full. To be added to our waitlist, please fill out this form, and a SAITSA representative will contact you if a slot opens up!

We’re looking for VOLUNTEERS for the Amazing Race! Sign up here.

RACE DAY: Friday April 5, 2019

PRE-RACE CHECK IN: 11 A.M. – 12 P.M. in MB216

RACE: 1 P.M. – 4:30 P.M.

WRAP-UP PARTY: 5 P.M. at the Odyssesy Coffeehouse


Do I need to be a current SAIT Student to participate?

YES, ALL applicants must be a current SAIT student.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Applicants must be 18 years of age by the start of the race to apply.

When I register online, do I need to have my teammate with me?

YES, it’s best to register as a team, in order to ensure you have your teammates correct personal and contact information. Plus, you both must sign off on the Terms & Conditions and the Liability waiver.

Will I need to drive or take other forms of transportation during the race?

NO, the entire race will be completed by foot and will remain on the SAIT main campus.

What should I bring with me on Race Day?

Make sure you dress for the weather and wear comfortable running shoes!

Check out the teams who will be racing below!

Team Name: A&B Sound
Team Members: Alex & Bekah
Alex and I are great friends who listen to each other and always encourage each other to do the best we can. We like adventure, whether that be going out around the city, getting out for a hike, or just spending time together. We are great, we win.
Team Name: AB in AB
Team Members: Alyssia & Rebecca
We are both second year RTBN students. We both love food and cameras.
Team Name: Aces
Team Members: Misty & Natasha
We are business majors that met in accounting and decided we don't want to be accountants.
Team Name:Apple Pie
Team Members: Henriette & Ngawang (Nina)
We are energetic, outgoing, motivated, Food Maniacs. Open minded About trying new things. And love to travel.
Team Name: Bald Bearded Buds
Team Members: Connor & Ryan
We're just a couple o' buds with more hair on our chins than on our heads. This of course gives us several strategic advantages: not only are we more aerodynamic, without that cranial insulation we can keep a cool head in the toughest of situations.
Team Name: Broken Ox
Team Members: Huy (Peter) & Taylor  
We first met at school and have become friends and moved in together after first semester. We love hanging out with our friends and having fun. Pete is also a super fan of the show so this is a huge deal for him cause he's been watching it for years
Team Name: Crystal Stars
Team Members: Erica & Alexander
We met at the start of the 2018-2019 school year as New Media Production and Design students in the school of ICT. We formed a good friendship by going into group work with each other as well as other classmates. We have became really close.
Team Name: Decibest
Team Members: Timothy & Thomas
We take ass, eat names, and kick babies.
Team Name: Double K
Team Members: Kainat & Kimdeep
We are a goofy and competitive pair of 4th year BBA accounting students with a passion for changing the world through our dedication and passion for ENACTUS!
Team Name: Dream Crushers
Team Members: Lucas & Ninar
We're gonna rock this race whether we win or not, we're winners in each other's hearts. Just two friends doing an amazing race. Two friends pushing each other to excel. Two friends building memories together as we experience life together.
Team Name: dumb and dumber
Team Members: Ali & Justin
VERY ethnic pair with a great sense of humour, work excellent together and have fun while doing it. We have joined the amazing race cuz our classmates said we wont win and wanna prove them wrong. We believe we have the skills to win.
Team Name: KirnKai Krushers
Team Members: Charlson & Samuel
Charlson - Runner up for Time’s “Sexiest Man Alive.”
Sam- 3rd year business student passionate about social entrepreneurship and innovation, with career aspirations of being a business owner after school!
Team Members: Chit & Ethan
As the current executive team of the SAIT MakerSpace, we are passionate about teaching students about how to build the world around them, but funds are running short, and until this opportunity arrived we were considering selling our kidneys. #MAKER
Team Name: Namby
Team Members: Vassily Tam & Mohsen
We're students from the Civil Engineering Technology Program. We're very committed in doing well in school but we also like to take life namby, aka easy. We would love to join in this competition because we want to challenge ourselves, and have fun.
Team Name: Omada
Team Members: Samuel & Liam
Our team is made up of Sam and Liam, we are both RAs at SAIT campus and that is how we met. We're here to see what kind of competition is out there. We were born for this. Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.
Team Name: Prestige Worldwide
Team Members: Vanessa & Jesse
Two business club presidents with a dream in their heart and a skip in their step.

Passionate part-time SAITSA employees, with a drive to win and a desire for success.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott
Team Name: Soaring Wings
Team Members: Carly & Michael
Two average college students.
Team Name: Steam Team
Team Members: Graydon & Laura
We're 1st year power engineers and we're prepared to boil the competition!
Team Name: The Dome Busters
Team Members: Bryce & Jarrett
We’re just a couple of small town kids from Saskatchewan. We’re small but we’re wicked fast. We will win. Thanks for the money.
Team Name: The Freaks in the Sheets, Emergency Care in the Streets Peeps
Team Members: Leighton & Will
Have you fallen and can’t get up? Do you know someone having a heart attack? Has suddenly gone into imminent labor? Well! Look no further than you friendly EMT students.
We don’t race for fun,
We race, ...for your LIFE!
Team Name: Turn Down for Walt
Team Members: Jadyn & Kassandra
We are 2nd year Travel and Tourism student who both love to travel. We want to win so we can have money to travel.