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Peer Listening Program

Saitsa Peer Listener Program: A Tedi Cares Initiative Tedi Cares Logo White Horz

This Tedi Cares initiative is designed to provide a free, structured platform for students to connect with trained peers for emotional support. We are committed to student wellness and aim to offer a non-judgmental, confidential space for you to share your experiences and challenges.

Our Peer Listeners are equipped with specialized training in active listening, QPR, and safeTALK. They are prepared to offer meaningful support, engage in empathetic dialogue, and guide you toward appropriate resources. We believe in creating trust-based relationships and harnessing the power of active listening to support students who may be experiencing stress, isolation, or distressing thoughts.

Key Aspects of the Program

  • Skilled Peer Listeners:

Our listeners are ready to engage with you, offering a supportive ear and the ability to ask the right questions that facilitate understanding and connection.

  • Strict Confidentiality: We maintain the highest standards of privacy. All conversations remain confidential, with transparency and honesty being our communication cornerstones, except in situations where a student’s safety is concerned.

  • Resource Referrals: Our listeners can recognize when additional support is needed and provide referrals to specialized services and resources beyond the scope of the program.

Program Details

  • Location: Peer Support Centre (NJ105 – Senator Burns Building)
  • Time: Monday to Friday, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Volunteers: Daily presence of 1-2 trained Peer Listeners
  • Email: