Hey students,

Due to concerns over COVID-19, please note the following changes around campus. 

Classes at all SAIT campuses will be suspended from Monday, March 16 to Wednesday, March 18. As of Thursday, March 19, SAIT will transition to online and alternate delivery of programs through to the end of the semester.

If you have concerns about accessing items from your locker, please email lockers@edu.sait.ca

 The following Saitsa operations will be closed starting March 17 until further notice:

  • Saitsa Main Office (V204)
  • Saitsa Resource Centre (MC107)
  • Saitsa Peer Support Centre (NJ105)
  • Saitsa Clubs Room (MB216)
  • Saitsa Governance & Advocacy Office (NN118)
  • Station Market (NN120) and Express (MB108)
  • The Gateway (V203)
  • Odyssey Cafe (V211)

We’re crossing our fingers we’ll be back in business soon!

All Saitsa programs and events have been canceled until further notice. For an updated events listing, visit saitsa.com/events

We encourage you to stay informed on COVID-19 news from reliable sources, including:

 Are you feeling under the weather? Check out the COVID online self-assessment to help you determine whether you should be tested for COVID.

If you have any health concerns, please contact your health care provider or call Alberta Health Link at 811.

 During this difficult time, your mental health & wellbeing is important to us! If you’re feeling down or stressed, try out the online tools below.

Need to talk? Try 7 Cups

Connect to anonymous and confidential online chat with trained listeners. 7 Cups is available for free in 40 languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Remember to use the school code “sait” when you sign up.

Untangle life’s stresses and challenges with TAO

TAO Self-Help will help you to manage your own emotional well-being without the help of a counselor. TAO Self-Help includes modules for developing your ability to bounce back from disappointments and setbacks, often referred to as resilience training.