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Our Coffee


Outside of our custom roast coffee, we are happy to serve Monogram Coffee. A delicious direct-trade, third wave coffee that meets all of our standards.  

To learn more about our new custom roast coffee – Finca La Florida, visit the Farm Profile.

Farm Profile: Perched on the side of a steep hill, just outside of the town of Acevedo in southern Colombia, is home to one of the most unique farms in the entire region. This farm is the home to Gilberta Rojas and his family. Gilberta along with his son have created a coffee bean farm which is not only beautiful, but employs best practices at every stage of coffee production.   

For the past decade, Gilberto worked towards a single goal to become the best coffee producer in Colombia. The coffee world took notice of his efforts when he finished 2nd place at the 2015 Cup of Excellence competition. A driven individual, Gilberto’s processing is immaculate, drying is slow, careful, and varietals are unique. Producing specialty coffee is one of the most difficult tasks a producer can undertake, which is another reason why we have decided to support his efforts by showcasing his coffee as our custom roast!