MacLean Jarvis

2021-22 Board Member

Favourite Meal

My mom’s toad in the hole! It’s a traditional English meal with sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter. 

Favourite aspect of Calgary

Wherever you go you’re going to run into someone who has a story. This makes for a bunch of fun, different interactions!  

Perfect Weekend

I’m normally a homebody, I like to read and knit! But a lot of my enjoyment comes from spreading foolery around town! Not to mention bar hopping!  


I’m born and raised in Calgary!

Fun Fact

If you throw on any Alice in Chains song, I will be able to sing along to it no matter how long it’s been since I’ve heard it!  

Happiest Place

I am happiest walking around popular areas within Calgary (Inglewood, 17th Ave SW, Kensington, Eau Claire, etc) and getting lost while listening to music.

Get to know MacLean!

What is your name and pronouns?

MacLean Jarvis, she/her 

What is your job position?

2021-22 Board Member

How long have you been at Saitsa?

2021 is my second term, so I’ve been a part of the Board of Directors for around one year and four months!  


What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I enjoy being part of the higher student experience and trying to provide community opportunities and industry connections to our students. Mostly, I enjoy helping students get better educational rights and standards. I’ve very passionate about this, because it’s something we’ve been fighting for a long time and students deserve more than they’re getting now.  

What is your education and work background? 

For education, I received a bachelor’s degree in human resources from SAIT. My work background, is mostly in customer service but really a jack-of-all-trades! I did four years of residential framing and drywalling, I was a customer service representative, and currently, on top of being a Student Director for Saitsa, I’m a bartender and cannabis educator.  

Why did you choose to work for Saitsa? 

Before I was a Director in the Board of Directors (BOD), I was working as a Peer Support Staff Member and I had gotten to know a lot of the people within Saitsa. When COVID-19 started, I was in the peer support position and I saw the BOD was hiring and wanted to try it out! In June of 2020, I started advocating for student rights and work to get better opportunities for students!

What advice do you have for new SAIT students? 

Get involved! We have such limited involvement because we have a lot of apprenticeships, diplomas, and certificate program students. A lot of SAIT students start here and only stay for two years. Their mindset is typically that they’re just here for their education and get out. If students get involved, they can meet so many great people and have such a great time!  

Why should students get to know Saitsa? 

We are here to help you. Although it may not 100% look like that on the surface, we are always working for your student experience. Whether it’s planning student events or advocating for more finances – anything on that spectrum. Also, a lot of the staff are really cool people and the BOD are students like you, so they will 100% understand the stresses and successes you are experiencing!  


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