Kat Dulay

Clubs Coordinator

Favourite Meal

I love all food, I travel with my stomach because I can't physically travel at this moment. Honestly a bite of everything sounds perfect, that's why buffets are so nice!

Favourite aspect of Calgary

There’s a lot of really great restaurants. Food is one of my personality traits if you couldn’t already tell!

Perfect Weekend

On the weekends, I attend a Korean class and I workout at F45. When I'm not doing those two things, I'm either sleeping or having dinner somewhere nice.


I was born and raised in the Philippines and I moved to Calgary in 2011.

Fun Fact

I have different coloured eyes every month, because I wear coloured contact lenses!

Happiest Place

I'm the happiest whenever I'm able to help people, which is why I volunteer to teach ESL to immigrants on top of my regular job. Helping people makes me happy.

Get to know Kat!

What is your name and pronouns?

Kat Dulay, she/her 

What is your job position?

Clubs Coordinator  

How long have you been at Saitsa?

I started my position as a Clubs Coordinator at the beginning of September 2021.


What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I enjoy being able to help students create a meaningful and fun-filled student experience for themselves and for their peers. I really do believe in clubs and that supporting students and student clubs really helps achieve that goal of creating a fun student atmosphere.

What is your education and work background? 

I’m an alumni of SAIT and was in the Travel and Tourism Diploma program from 2013-2015. I went to Mount Royal University for four years from 2016-2020 and earned my degree in communications with a major in broadcasting and a minor in business. I’ve worked as a video editor, a server, as a bank advisor as well as a bank teller, and I’ve volunteered a lot!

Why did you choose to work for Saitsa? 

For starters, it’s near the train line which is super convenient. It was really nice to come back to my alma mater, I’ve always had a soft spot for Saitsa. It’s where I started my student political career and my post-secondary career. Having the chance to come back and help students navigate their own post-secondary experience is something I’ve found interesting and what I really want to do.

What advice do you have for new SAIT students? 

Use up your student benefits at the end of every year! It’s really a use it or lose it situation. Get another pair of eyeglasses, if you have a cavity get it filled, take frequent doctor visits! Also, be kind to yourself. Being a student can be hard and becoming an adult is a transition.

Why should students get to know Saitsa? 

Everyone should always take advantage of everything that is available to them. All students pay Student Association fees and we are here to help students. Take advantage of that!