Hana Hossain

Board Member

Favourite Meal

Shawarma, a close second is ramen!

Favourite aspect of Calgary

Calgary reflects the idea of doing what you want at your own pace, which comes with the city being accessible and livable overall!

Perfect Weekend

At the moment, it’s sleeping! When it is warmer outside, I like to hike, hangout with my family, and visit record stores. It changes by season!


I’m from Washington, D.C. and have been living in Calgary for the past few years!

Fun Fact

I was born with 6 toes on my left foot – I got it removed shortly after I was born!

Happiest Place

I’m happiest wherever my friends are. I don’t really find happiness at a location, I can find it when I'm surrounded by my friends!

Get to know Hana!

What is your name and pronouns?

Hana Hossain, she/her 

What is your job position?

Board Member 

How long have you been at Saitsa?

I started in the Board of Directors in May 2021.


What do you enjoy most about your job? 

The best part is getting to know students and seeing where the real concerns are and what students actually care about. With a school as unique as SAIT we have students in hospitality like me, trades, technology, and so much more which means the conversations and concerns are so different.

What is your education background? 

I graduated high school then started at SAIT shortly after. I’m in my second year in the Hospitality and Tourism Management Diploma program!

Why did you choose to work for Saitsa? 

I really value involvement in the student body. Before joining the Board, I was involved in Saitsa and in SAIT. I wanted to take it up a notch and have more of an impact and I love advocating for students! Another part is because of Dawson Thomas. We run a club together called the LGBTQ+ Club and he encouraged me to run!

What advice do you have for new SAIT students? 

I have met SAIT students who are confused on what to pursue and do in school. On the other hand, I meet students who have been at the school for a long time and have switched programs and their career path multiple times. My biggest advice on this is to take your time. There’s no pressure to figure out what you want to do and it’ll mean more in the end if you enjoy what you do. Also, to enjoy your time at SAIT!

Why should students get to know Saitsa? 

Saitsa staff and the Board of Directors care about students and are putting in effort for students. As students we are all kinda poor, so take advantage of the benefits, resources and opportunities provided by Saitsa for students!


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