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Want to Act on Camera?


You’re in the right place! If you’re a current SAIT student and you want to appear in videos for us throughout the school year, just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!

SAITSA Video Promo Acting Form

Your participation may have you acting or appearing in videos, photos and other media being used on such platforms as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    I do hereby give and grant to the SAIT Students’ Association the right to use my name and to photograph my physical likeness for the purpose of ongoing video, photo and other promotional material for the SAIT Students' Association. I further agree to grant the SAIT Students' Association, herein known as SAITSA, the exclusive right to reproduce my voice and other sounds made by me, and I hereby consent to the use of my name and/or said photographs, likenesses and any reproductions thereof and/or the reproductions and recordings of my voice and other sounds by SAITSA, its licensees, successors and assigns in, or in connection with the production, distribution, exhibition, advertising and exploitation and/or other use of the above-named motion-picture and otherwise.
    Sorry, minors are unable to participate.