Media Access Policy



  • General Media Inquiries & Off-campus Media, see Appendix A
  • For Board of Directors, see Appendix B
  • For Events and Operations see Appendix C
  • For General Restrictions see Appendix D
  • For Interviews see Appendix E
  • For Brand, Trademark and Logo usage see Appendix F
  • For Enforcement see Appendix G



All off-campus media should send their inquiries by email or phone to Assistant Manager, Marketing & Communications, Shona Sutherland at (403) 284-7292 or

On-campus media should fill out the SAIT Student Media Request Form, here.

Please note that you must submit the appropriate media request form a minimum of seven (7) business days in advance for photography access to Gateway concerts or to use a SAITSA venue as a location for a film or photo project.



Board of Directors: Board of Directors (BOD) is a public forum and all reporters are permitted and encouraged to attend as observers. As an observer, you may report on the proceedings, but you cannot participate in the proceedings unless the council gives you permission to do so. Questions may be asked to the Vice Chair of the BOD regarding the meeting: all in camera discussion is strictly confidential. In the event BOD goes in camera, all observers will be asked to leave the room. At this time, you must take all recording devices with you. When the in camera discussion concludes, all observers will be invited back into council chambers. The BOD agenda will be available at reception in V204 Campus Centre or online.



SAITSA Operations Access (Does not include The Gateway): Reporters may film video B‐roll and take photos in SAITSA Operations by obtaining media access permission from the Creative Director. All offices and meeting rooms are private. Access to The Gateway is more strict to comply with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Control rules and regulations.

AT NO TIME can people consuming alcohol be filmed or photographed. This includes holding alcoholic beverages. To comply with copyright legislation, drink labels cannot be shown in any pictures or videos.

If you wish to cover concerts, speakers, displays or other performances in The Gateway, or any licensed shows, including those hosted by clubs and societies, please carefully read the Terms & Agreement of each media access form. A specific media event pass will be distributed once the form has been approved to ensure you are following the performer’s media guidelines.

Flash photography is NOT permitted during concerts/shows at The Gateway.

Filming is NOT permitted during concerts/shows at The Gateway, under any circumstances, and will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN from access to any future shows at The Gateway.

Interviews with any artists or guests of The Gateway may only happen upon written approval from SAITSA. Interviews may NOT be conducted in the green room or other restricted access locations of The Gateway.

The number of media representatives in attendance of any given SAITSA or Gateway event are restricted at the discretion of SAITSA. A request for media access does not guarantee granted access.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in a ban from media access.



You are required by SAIT Polytechnic regulation not to block fire exits, access ways, and walkways while filming/photographing. If you block these areas or if the building is too busy, you may be asked to move or come back later.

Media passes: Please carry your media access form and pass with you while performing media activities, as you will be asked to produce it. Failure to provide proof of access will result in expulsion from the event and may result in a ban from future SAITSA events.

Conduct/privacy considerations: Members of the media are expected to follow ethical boundaries of conduct. Please respect the people you are filming, photographing, or recording. Please ask their permission. Internal or external media members who behave in an unethical way may be denied future access to SAITSA operations and events.



No interviews will take place without media approval. All meetings, unless noted otherwise, are private. A request to a private meeting will be considered if a media access form is submitted at least one business day in advance. If you wish to interview SAITSA Executive Council, requests should be directed to Communications Coordinator through reception or online. The Communications Coordinator will coordinate interviews. Executives will speak to topics in their area of expertise, and staff only when directed by the Creative Director or Communications Coordinator.


SAITSA is not responsible for setting up interviews with artists, but will accommodate such requests in accordance with the record company’s wishes. Some performers refuse interviews, photographs, and filming of themselves and their events even if approval is granted by SAITSA. It is SAITSA’s contractual obligation to ensure the performer’s demands are met.

SAITSA reserves the right to limit the number of journalists/ photographers/ videographers accessing any special event, performance etc.

  • Interviews will be scheduled in 15-minute time slots according to the availability of the interviewees.
  • SAITSA reserves the right to decline or reschedule interviews, or to substitute interviewees.
  • Response to an interview request will try to be accommodated in one business day.

Please let us know if more, or less, time is needed in the interview time; if pictures/video will be taken; or if you require background information.

We ask that you provide the topic(s) of the interview in advance to ensure that you will be speaking with the appropriate person.

In addition, topics are requested in advance in hopes of screening the number of requests for interviews on the same topic. If there are a significant number of requests for interviews on the same topic, reporters may be grouped into the same time slot, or executives may set up a press conference or release a statement.



If you wish to use any of SAITSA or its service areas’ logos or trademarks, permission must be obtained in advance. Usage for class assignments will normally be granted. SAITSA reserves the right to request a copy for corporate or archival use, in exchange for Brand, Trademark and Logo usage.

Please be extremely clear about the intended use for the Brand, Trademark or Logo.

Response to Brand, Trademark and Logo requests will try to be accommodated in one business day.



Failure to abide by the SAIT Students’ Association Media Access Policies may result in expulsion from the event and future barring from SAITSA operations and events.

To submit your request please complete SAITSA’s Media Request Form, here.