How to Open a Combination Lock

How to Open a Combination Lock

Looking for a place to put your textbooks and study materials in between classes? We've got you covered! All lockers on SAIT campus are rented through the Saitsa Lockers program and come with a combination lock.

Combination locks are regularly rotated when not actively rented, so you’ll never have the same locker with the same lock.

How do I open my combination lock?

Your combination is on your Locker Rental Receipt in your account. Once you have your combination, follow these steps:

  1. Line up the marker with "0"
  2. Turn the dial clockwise (to the right) three times
  3. Turn to the right until the arrow points to the first number of your combination
  4. Turn counter-clockwise (to the left) for one FULL turn, PAST the first number
  5. Stop at the second number
  6. Turn the dial to the right (do NOT pass the second number) and stop at the third number
  7. Pull the shackle on the top of the lock and open it up
  8. If it doesn't open, start the process from Step 1
How do I close and lock my combination lock?

While this may seem easy, people often forget two critical steps to close their lock! To fully close your lock follow these steps:

  1. Push the shackle back into the lock
  2. Spin the dial in any direction for three turns to reset the combination
  3. Pull on the shackle to make sure it doesn't open

DO NOT replace combination locks with your own lock.

Saitsa locks are the only locks allowed on Saitsa lockers. Remember to read the Terms and Conditions on your rental receipt carefully for details on locker rentals. Personal locks will be removed and locker privileges suspended.

For more information on lockers, check out our Saitsa Lockers FAQ! If you can't find your answer on there, contact us at