Your Students’ Association (Saitsa) is governed by students just like you! There are several ways to gain leadership experience.

  • Become a student leader by holding the elected position as a Board of Director
  •  Join a committee such as the academic advisory committee, political committee, finance committee, advocacy committee, governance committee, nominations committee, and student clubs reimbursement funding committee.

All of the options listed above are excellent ways to build practical leadership skills.
If you are interested in learning more about these leadership positions, then complete the “I’m interested in leadership form” below!

Note: The Board of Directors is an elected positions. That means in order to acquire this position you’ll need to RUN in an election and successfully gain votes from your peers at SAIT. Does this sound intimidating? We hope not. Remember Donald Trump did it and look how well that turned out!

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What is the Board of Directors aka BOD?

The BOD is elected in the winter semester and their term starts in May and finishes in May of the following year. The Board provides ongoing ownership linkage with the student body, sets organizational policy in accordance with ownership needs, and provides oversight of operational compliance with policy. Within the Board there is a President and Vice President; these positions are the chief and deputy-chief representatives and advocates for the student body and are the leaders of the Board.

Saitsa’s Bylaws are the governing rules by which the organization operates.

What is a committee member?

A committee member’s number one focus is to provide student-to-student feedback in an area they are interested in. As a committee member, you’ll actively listen to agenda discussion points while communicating your own opinions, ideas, and interests all while supplying student’s feedback based on their experience at SAIT. Collectively committee members will strategize and decide as a united front on how to tackle student issues or opportunities at SAIT.

This is a volunteer position.