Instructor Excellence Awards

Instructor Excellence Awards

1 instructor/school of study – no monetary value


We believe outstanding instructors should be acknowledged for their dedication and hard work at SAIT, which is why we honour their commitment via these awards. Since 2008, Saitsa has been encouraging students to nominate their instructors for these prominent awards.

Nomination Process

Have you had a positive experience with an instructor? Nominate an instructor today for Saitsa’s Instructor Excellence Award!

Each year Saitsa accepts nominations from students who want to recognize instructors who go above and beyond for their students’ success. Nominations are accepted throughout the year, and in April Saitsa hosts an award ceremony to acknowledge those who were nominated. One instructor from each School of Study is selected as an award recipient each year.

Instructors are selected by the selection committee based on the student’s ability to communicate how the instructor has impacted their lives; some things that the selection committee considers when selecting award recipients are that the instructor:

  • Provides extra time and resources;
  • Is accommodating, sympathetic and respectful to student concerns;
  • Utilizes multiple resources and tools to appeal to different learning styles;
  • Has outstanding organization and preparation for class;
  • Has interest and enthusiasm for teaching and student success;
  • Has fair testing and grading systems;
  • Embraces diversity, promotes equity and inclusivity;
  • Has a willingness and appreciation for students’ input and questions; and,
  • Fosters a positive classroom environment.

The number of nominations an instructor receives (from different students) is also taken into consideration by the selection committee, encourage your classmates to nominate your instructor too!

Students may nominate more than one instructor, only one nomination per student per instructor will be accepted.

Nomination Form

The nomination period begins on October 5, please check back then.