I.M. Well



I.M. Well is an app available to you – SAIT Students, at no extra cost to yourselves. It contains an variety of helpful features from mood logs and wellness reminders, to connecting you will available, local help instantly.

Short for Integrated Mental Health & Wellness, I.M. Well is a full circle program that aims to “de-fragment” the mental health resources available to students on campus, on line, in the community, and beyond.

For more information on I.M. Well, please read the information package here.

Download the I.M. Well app here.


#MyDefinition is an awareness campaign created by people with mental health issues for people with mental health issues. #MyDefinition operates on the principles of “respect, reflect, connect” – respect mentally ill people, reflect the realities of the Faces in the campaign, and connect the campaign to the campus.

For more information on #MyDefinition please visit read this handout.

To submit your profile and be part of the campaign, submit your information here.