The Hot Dog Drop entry form for the Winter 2020 semester is now closed. You can join our waitlist below! Waitlist entries will be kept on hand in case of any cancellations.

All requests are subject to instructor approval and Board of Director availability.

If you would like to nominate more than one of your classes, please submit a separate request for each class. However, we can only fulfil a maximum of one application per nominator/submitter, ie:

  • John Doe submits a request for his classes, Marketing 101 and Writing 101. His request for the Marketing 101 class gets approved to receive hot dogs, so therefore his other request is not eligible. However, if his classmate John Smith, from Writing 101 also submits a request for the Writing 101 class, there is a possibility this class will also receive a free hot dog lunch.

Once a class receives a hot dog lunch, the same class will not be eligible to win again.

The Hot Dog Drop waitlist form has now closed.