Good Food Box

Budget-Friendly Produce on Campus

At Saitsa, we believe that fresh, affordable produce is a right, not a luxury. That's why we are a proud provider of the Good Food Box Program, an initiative by the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary.

It's all about helping you fill your kitchen with fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables, without emptying your bank account.

Anyone can purchase a Good Food Box! Head to the Saitsa Resource Centre (MC107) and order one today!


Small Box - $30

15-20 lbs*

Medium Box - $35

25-30 lbs*

Large Box - $40

35-40 lbs*

*All sizes are approximate

How To Order

  1. Go to the Saitsa Resource Centre
  2. (MC107) Fill out a form
  3. Make a payment (cash, credit or debit).

What's Included

The Good Food Box includes seasonal fruits and vegetables. We do not know what exactly will go in each box each time as it depends on the the time of year and availability.

Order Schedule

Order Deadline

November 14

Pick-Up Date

November 23

Order Deadline

December 5

Pick-Up Date

December 14

Order Deadline

January 23

Pick-Up Date

February 1

Order Deadline

February 20

Pick-Up Date

February 29

Order Deadline

March 12

Pick-Up Date

March 21

Order Deadline

April 16

Pick-Up Date

April 25

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