Saitsa Gaming Co-op

Saitsa wants your experience in Residence to be the best it can be, so we developed a free gaming co-op program! Students can rent out a variety of gaming consoles, equipment and/or games by submitting the form and coordinating with SAIT Residence staff to arrange rental pick up and drop off.


Check out our FAQ, and if you still have questions contact for more information.

Rentals FAQ

How much does it cost and who is eligible to rent?
  • It’s free! No cost to students to rent
  • Only students living in SAIT Residence can rent out items
  • A valid student ID must be presented upon rental pick up and drop off

How can I rent and how does it work?

  • To rent items, complete and submit the form below. SAIT Residence will be in contact to arrange pick up.
  • You must present a valid student ID when picking up and dropping off the rentals
  • Rentals are for a maximum of 2 weeks, with the option to renew the rental if there is no waitlist
  • When using the rentals, you are responsible for them. Damaged or lost items may result in replacement costs being charged to you by Saitsa. More information below.
  • Students must adhere to all instructions and laws with each gaming console/game, etc. These are available to read on the console itself and includes things like: set up and start up instructions, safety information (warnings of violence, eyestrain, etc.)

What if something isn’t working or breaks when I’m using it?

If there is an issue with one of the devices, renters are to contact SAIT Residence to inform them of the issue and arrange another rental. Students are required to notify SAIT Residence of any items that are functioning irregularly.

Saitsa appreciates that rental items may become damaged or break even with respectful usage; if there is a reasonable explanation for the damage then, at Saitsa’s discretion, a student may not be charged a replacement fee. However, Saitsa may charge replacement costs to the student if there appears to be blatant disregard, vandalism, misuse, misplacement, etc. of the item(s). Renters are responsible for returning ALL items that were loaned out, including cables.

Replacement cost examples include:

  • Console: $300
  • Controller: $65
  • Game: $65
  • Cable: $25

Click Here for a list of games and indicate below what game(s) you would like to rent if available. Be sure to select games that are for the console you’d like to rent: