Saitsa Fee Breakdown

Your Fees Are For You

Our goal is to serve you, the students. We do this by collecting student fees, which are utilized to advocate for your rights, and to provide quality services and programs to students outside of the classroom. The Post-Secondary Learning Act grants authority to Saitsa to collect fees in order to fulfill its mandate to represent and serve students.

The student fees we collect are divided into two funds: the Saitsa Restricted Building Fund and the Saitsa General Operations Fund. The Restricted Building Fund’s sole purpose is to fund the future construction of non-academic student space on campus. Our operating funds support the day-to-day function of Saitsa’s operations, programs, and services.

Who Pays Saitsa Fees?

Most full and part-time students, apprentices, and some earned revenue students pay Saitsa fees. The actual fee assessment depends on the number of credit hours or apprentice weeks in which a student is enrolled.

How Much?

A full fee-paying member is assessed at $287.77. To understand how your fees are being utilized to improve the student experience, see the diagram below. Students falling outside this classification will be assessed according to the SAIT fee tale. Your student invoice will also show fees for your Student Dental Plan and your Student Health Plan; if you have comparable coverage then you are able to opt out of your Dental and Health plans and get reimbursed for those fees. Make sure to opt out by the deadline.